Cancer in a remission!


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I did do 560 lbs at my Senior Center, but at a commercial gym I could only do 270. The 270 was with physical weight disks while the machines at the Senior Center use compressed air. Maybe they aren’t calibrated correctly.

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UPDATE April 2019, see my comment on this FB post:

Or, referencing

My oncologist has characterized my prostate cancer as “aggressive high volume metastatic”.

Now I’m in a remission and all the metastasized sites (spine and skull) have disappeared from PET scans (most recent one taken April 1, 2019).

My April 2 fasting blood draws revealed that my insulin was 3 mU/L and my blood glucose was 93 mg/dL (~4.9 % A1C).

I agree with the paper that my low insulin and blood glucose were causal in my cancer remission, but the idea of needing low protein for a ketogenic diet is wrong.

Dr Bikman’s lecture, , shows that the body’s response to dietary protein depends on context. In the context of no dietary carbohydrates dietary protein does not raise the blood insulin level. A fact corroborated by Dave Feldman’s carnivore experiment, .

So eating NO plants (incl. no “vegetable” oils as they are heavily processed from seeds and highly inflammatory), a.k.a. carnivore, keeps both insulin and blood glucose low. That’s what I’ve been doing since July 2017.

My test results are all documented in Lahey Clinic medical records.

I’m 76 yo and was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 (Gleason scores of 10).

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At Low Carb Breckenridge 2018, Dr Michael Eades presented his “New Hypothesis of Obesity” that heavily implicates “vegetable” oils through rigorous science:

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… BUT …

So on 15 Apr 2019 I started an iodine supplement n=1 experiment using J.CROW’S® Lugol’s 2% (with 5% on order direct from J.CROW’S).

I’m starting with 1 drop in ~8 oz distilled water (to which 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar is added) twice daily. So, per, that’s 2/5 * 12.5 mg of iodine/potassium iodide (5.0 mg iodine, 7.50 mg potassium iodide) / day = 5 mg (2 mg, 3 mg) / day = 35 mg / week.

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So happy for your good results! Praise God!

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You are an inspiration. My husband was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. They started him on every 3 months injections to lower testosterone and daily Casodex. He is 77 and I am 72. We started on the Ketogenic diet about 3 weeks ago. We are hoping to transition over to carnivore by the end of next month. I read him your story and he took it to heart and is willing to give it a try. He has significantly cut back on his carbohydrates.

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Check out Logan Sneeds youtube channel, hes my biggest inspiration! Hes a brain cancer survivor using keto as treatment. I even met with him in real life!

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I wish your husband all the best, Keto has helped a lot of people with cancer so I hope that it helps him as well. Take care.

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How are things going?

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Any updates since your last post? Are you still in remission?

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Yes, I’m still in remission.

To control PSA I’ve just been put on Abiraterone (Zytiga) and prednisone.

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Thanks. You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope.
I’ve got a stage 4 prostate cancer of my own and the radio-oncologist wants to put me on Lupron in a few days and then he said that he’ll try to convince his board to see if they can/want to put me on other more expensive drugs such as Apalutamide, EnzaLutamide or on Zytiga.

The doctor said that if I respond well to the hormone therapy and that PSA drops, he will then be putting me on radiation therapy for 38 days.

There is something I do not understand though. When I asked my doctor that if I am doing really well with the mix of fasting/keto/cbd oil/alpha and beta-caroten plus hormone therapy and that my PSA drops to a near zero range, why would I want radiation therapy rather than simply continue with what will have worked?

That only made him angry and he said something along: “That’s the protocol and that’s that. Do you want to follow the protocol or not?”

So I said yes for the moment as I don’t want to delay the boost that the hormone therapy should bring to my non-traditional efforts but I am very skeptical about this answer on why I should undergo radio-therapy in a few months. Especially if they do not first do another pet scan first in order to show that there is some tumor to be targeted. If the hormone therapy made the tumor vanish, then why radiate what would now be a tumor free zone?

When they told you that you were in remission due to the low PSA, did they propose radiation to you as well?

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STRONGLY suggest a new doctor. It’s YOUR life, not your doctor’s.

Radiation therapy cooks your gut. I had it but wish I had insisted on prostate removal instead.


A lifelong friend contacted me this week to say he has a prostate cancer diagnosis. He is an ethical vegetarian.

Does the Palaeolithic Ketgenic Diet have any data in relation to prostate cancer?