Can you "feel" when you are in Ketosis?

(Aamir Butt) #6

For me, it is the sense of being more energetic when I wake up every morning. I feel like I am totally up for the day ahead and everything that comes with it.

So, in short, Energy

(RL) #7

Metallic taste in my mouth.

(Omar) #8

I do not have a meter but I think it is energy, metalic smell at wake up in my mouth, and briefly feeling hi

not sure so do not take my words

(CharleyD) #9

Feels like this:

(Not a Chef) #10

I can smell it. Urine, sweat, finger tips.

I don’t test, I don’t care. LCHF is effective for me, regardless of the odor of my urine.

(Maha) #11

If a loved one tells you your breath smells, you know you’re in ketosis. My pre-teen son told me this when I was underway.


I definitely get the urine smell. If I had to describe it, I would say like the odor of your urine after you eat asparagus!

(Not a Chef) #13

It’s that, but not that exactly. To me, it’s the smell of cooking with a lot of garlic. But not that exactly, either.

(Allie) #14

Yes I can feel it, and after the couple of weeks where I tried zero carb, I can feel it when I’m kicked out of ketosis too… :neutral_face:

(Mandy) #15

If I’m heavily into ketosis my brain gets buzzy. Heavy for me is probably 3.0.


I think using feelings as a gauge is useful only if the degree of ketosis varies dramatically. That is, you’re noticing a change. If the level of ketosis is stable, then whatever the feeling just becomes normal.

For the most part, I’m always in ketosis (BK > 2) so whatever impact is expressed in my brain, urine, energy level, etc. is always present, and therefore not noticable.

(Karen) #17

Sweat and breath are fruity.


(CJ Young) #18

Yeah, blood feeling cleaner makes me think of something I’ve felt.

When I used to eat a burger or something breaded and fried I would often say to a friend, “I can feel my arteries clogging.” because that’s my sense of humor but there was some truth to it. It’s hard to put a finger on why or how but yeah my blood felt like it was thick or something? Now I know that it was from the carbs I was eating with that fried goodness in those bad bad oils. I haven’t felt that sort of blood “thickness” since I’ve been in ketosis.

Also, now I have energy and just feel good. Before everything was difficult and everything hurt. I have days without chronic pain now so I really know if I messed up my carb count or not.

(Rob) #19

I have a couple of sleep disorders that had me on an energy roller coaster throughout the day despite some hefty medications to level it out. The valleys are still there occasionally but energy levels are evening out. I rarely feel a strong urge to nap anymore and I’ve cut back on my meds.

The other thing I’ve noticed is it makes my mouth feel like the inside of a sneaker. I’m a it obsessive with my dental hygiene anyway but I brush a little more often now and always have mints on hand.

(Omar) #20

yes the brushing

I was not heavy in brushing my teeth until this keto diet feeling the urge to brush.

(icky) #21

I’m still thinking about how I can “tell”.

When I’m in ketosis, I feel like a well-oiled machine, or like a car that’s running well.

When I’m out of ketosis, I feel like a car that is sluggish and that needs to go to the garage for a tune-up.

(icky) #22

For everyone who’s described pee-smells and breath-smells as an indicator of Ketosis - do you find this only applies to the first stage of not being fully fat-adapted yet and hence not burning up your ketones effectively?

Or do you find that this is a long-term issue?

I definitely had crappy keto breath while I was fat-adapting.

Now that I’m fat-adapted, it’s gone.

My dental hygiene also feels a lot better because there are no carbs/ sugars to promote plaque and bacteria growth on teeth.

I also don’t notice a funny pee smell, but I didn’t look out for it during my fat-adaption process either, so it might have been there, along with the keto-breath and I just wasn’t paying attention.

Thanks for your responses :kissing_heart:

Totally interesting to hear how others can “feel” ketosis (in/ out) :star_struck:

(icky) #23

I love this :smile:

I find NUTRITIONIAL ketosis to be “not quite as amazing” as this, for me.

When I am fasting, yeah, I feel like superman on speed, but that is during FASTING ketosis.

For me, nutrional ketosis is only 50% of that feeling (but, hey! 50% is still pretty darned good!!)

I assume for me, this is because I have IBS and food intolerances, and these symptoms only fully go away during fasting.

So while I am eating keto/ in nutrional ketosis, I think my IBS and food intolerances reduce the superman feeling by about half.

(Omar) #24

I also do not have the pee smell. Maybe in the first few weeks but not any more.

same with mouth odor only at wake up time. I think after my guts get diluted with water and food the odor fades away.

(Roy D Rushing Jr ) #25

For me there’s not really a constant feeling. In fact, the only real definable things I could say have more to do with being in ketosis and fat adapted. Ketosis without fat adaption felt like being hungry and tired all the time. Ketosis with fat adaption feels like never really being that hungry and not running down in the mid-afternoon like I used to.