Can you do keto without coffee? Why not?

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Cocoa powder contains caffeine so I doubt there’s a magical cancelation of the caffeine in the coffee. Party on Garth…:coffee:

And I am happy to report another three pound loss over my Bulletproof Weekend.


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Chocolate contains both caffeine and theobromine, chemicals that fall into the class of methylxanthines, which are both stimulants and bronchodilators (in varying degrees). Other methylxanthines you might have heard of are aminophylline and theophylline.

This class of chemicals has toxic effects on the livers of dogs, which is why we are advised never to give our dogs chocolate. The livers of rats, however, are not affected by methylxanthines, and in fact, their bronchodilatory effect makes it advisable always to keep chocolate on hand in case one of your pet rats should develop respiratory distress. Note that it is important to test the chocolate for freshness periodically . . . . just saying. (You wouldn’t want your rat to be unable to breathe because you gave it stale chocolate, now would you?)


I sort of guessed the water drinkers would defend their favourite food drug. I enjoy a water in the late morning with an eggs based breakfast.

But there is more to learn, isn’t there? Didn’t we go low carb to break a food addiction, possibly manufactured by the processed foods industries? (and maybe the government to keep us as foggy brained drones?)

Again with the long-term outlook there are some concerns of using water as a staple, or a long-term support for ketogenic eating.

Surely we, for our sustainable health, would look at having water breaks? That is breaks from water. Maybe water cycling is more palatable, at least to consider, than cold turkey?

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I’m going to try ‘water-free’ October. I’ll let you all know how that goes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh my goodness -I could never do that, I love water way too much =). Good luck.

I am guessing if you are going to only drink coffee, you are not going to sleep much, unless you use decaf, hehe.

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Coffee is 99.9% water. So no, ‘water free’ means ‘water free’. :smirk:

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@amwassil Just going to be chewing the beans then eh Michael? :cowboy_hat_face:


Touche mon Donkey :zebra:

There must be something in the water. Didn’t the medical establishment champion the idea of adding statins to the water supply? I do not believe in this water theory of addiction. Befuddlement ensues when we mix coffee and water thinking.

Your water theory embraces, enfolds and eventually dilutes the coffee addiction fact. Water is the inert vehicle in which the drugs are carried.

Separating and reassembling the thought flow to examine the componentry may clear the brain fog. If we take the coffee out of water we find the well spring of youth, a vital truth. If we take from the coffee the water we find a brown pile of potent addictive chemicals and potential plant antinutrients.


As does plain yogurt to me - it’s strange, I know.

I don’t particularly like black coffee but I use to hate it so Ive come a long way. I drank it black backpacking a few times and it surprised how I noticed subtle flavors I never noticed before.


My coffee has enough fat in it to be called a meal so I never drink it before a fasting blood draw.


Lol. My water theory is just me calling you out for kafkatrapping coffee drinkers.

That being said, tap water in the US has been known to contain some pretty nasty stuff, including female hormones from birth control pills, Prozac, and fluoride. That’s the places that are considered to have good quality water!

Anyway that’s drifting off topic. Stop kafkatrapping. For those of you that don’t know, kafkatrapping is when you make an accusation, and treat any denial of the accusation as further evidence of the accusation being true. The party defending the accusation is trapped. They either admit the accusation is true, or they deny the accusation, which is taken to mean that the accusation is true. It’s a logical fallacy that is becoming all too common these days.


kaffe-trapping as they say in Germany


Civet cat. I’d love to try it.


That’s not true. I wasn’t setting devious logical fallacy coffee traps for coffee drinkers. I was just outright provoking us into discussion. Have I just been kafkatrapped? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

I think chocolate deserves a closer look next.

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I never drank coffee - still don’t. Down 115ish pounds. It is not needed…

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Quite a bit worse if oxalates are your reason. Oxalates in coffee are minimal unless it’s instant. Cocoa beans are ground up and consumed, so you’re getting the full strength of contained oxalates. I don’t eat chocolate bars since I started KETO and have no intention of starting. I have something chocolate like coconut flour cake a couple times a year now. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Then again, perhaps with a regular morning mugful of coffee, you’d be down 2 more pounds by now? :thinking:

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I would rather be down due to fat loss. Just saying… I am not more full of sh!t than the next person…

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I used to love chocolate covered espresso beans. :yum: