Can you be Keto and get really fat?

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I’ve been keto for 4 years, but gained back 30 lbs over this last year. The change in weight has been gradual, but seemed to begin following emergency appendectomy. Since the weight gain, I’ve cut out all artificial sweeteners, but to no avail. I am still following my keto diet b/c I like the positive effects (energy, reduced appetite, etc) and my husband is also keto (no weight gain for him).

People need to give Jimmy Moore a break. He has done a lot to promote this diet.


Just because we have lower insulin doesn’t mean we can’t gain weight. Doing keto makes us more insulin sensitive… .which is good but also means it takes less insulin to create a given response. While being keto I’ve had my weight go back to 20+ lbs. I’ve been eating this way for years and not making rookie mistakes. My A1C averages 4.8-5.2 and that didn’t stop weight gain. Keto being so satiating also had me eating less for a long time and coupled with fasting slowed my metabolism that added to the issue. If you’re eating too far above what you need, your body isn’t stupid. It will store whatever it can. The eating whatever you want and eating 5 gallon buckets of fat while loosing is a honeymoon period. You can’t do that forever. Some people are freaks, most wind up plateauing and backsliding if they don’t change something.

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I’m sure it is possible, but I have a problem keeping my weight up. As a result of Keto I have naturally and organically gravitated to OMAD, apart from a small snack with my morning tea. As a consequence I have to consciously eat a little more and select higher caloric keto foods to keep my weight up at my desired level.

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I wish I had this problem =). I have lost 57 pounds and have over another 100 to go…


It was an exaggeration, of course. But before keto and before I had my stomach stapled, I did have an almost bottomless pit. :frowning:

Getting 10,000 calories while keeping carbs low would be a bigger issue. :slight_smile:

Maybe a lot of skin-on chicken thighs or wings with butter and cheese?

In any case, if excessive calories would be “impossible” to store as fat, what would happen to them? Straight to the waste disposal system?

And, remember, glucose response and insulin response are two separate things.

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I ate 3000-5000 kcals pretty much every day I ate from January to May. It’s not hard to do if you’re lifting heavy things and eating to satiety.

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There are like 8 hormones that control energy use, repair, temperature etc so the calories get used it is just set to storage for people like us and heat and burn for people like my husband :wink:

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Did you check blood ketone regularly when you were gaining? I’m in no way criticising, just curious


Yup, used to be obsessed with my ketone levels. Used to average 0.8-2.0 until things started slowing down then they averaged 0.5-1.0 unless I was fasting then they’d shoot way up.

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Protein has some insulin response, as does fat. But the common understanding of how the various hormones work is VASTLY simplified. It’s good enough for most things, but it’s bad to look at them as iron clad comprehensive laws.

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Tell me the exact daily menu that you could ever be able to eat that much of just protein and fat.

I seriously doubt anyone could eat that much of JUST fat and protein even in a week. That is because the pathway in the brain that tells you that you are full is completely functional…carbs in you diet mess up those signals, but without the carbs you would not be hungry for anything close to that much food,

Hypothetical sceneries are ok…till you tried to do it in the real world, so…please tell me exactly what (and ounce by ounce) you would eat to get that much food into yourself.

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No…the fat is the result of insulin stuffing GLUCOSE into the cells.

No carbs…no glucose. Yeah, the liver creates what the body needs from protein is needed…but…it is on a need basis…not just dumping glucose into the blood

So…no abundance of glucose… no fat being stored.

As for the weight gain…it is carb creep. Look at what you are eating. I notice that I get a bit sloppy with keeping exact counts of carbs… if you don’t pay close attention you start to get more carbs in your diet.

As for the guy that gained 50lbs…it is clear that he really fell off the LCHF woe.

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Life is so easy when you can reduce things to one simple explanation that is always the case.

Wrong, but simple.

Judging everyone makes it even easier.


You don’t know me very well (I started keto at 6’5" and 650#, a compulsive eater). :frowning:

These would make a good dent:

Add a slice or two of cheese to each sausage and thigh and we’re easily there without even finishing either package. Without even touching the bacon or butter.

Luckily, keto has given me some level of control over such compulsive eating. It’s not necessarily about hunger. It’s about stopping once started. Keto allows me to stop.

But, hey, if I can eat all that and not gain weight, why should I deprive myself? As long as I am in ketosis, I could have such “cheat” days whenever I choose to? Hopefully, I’d get sick of such foods. Then I wouldn’t want them, and I’d have not gained any weight in training myself not to crave them so much. /s


No because really being in a ketogenic metabolism is knowing true hunger. Ketosis rewires the brain so we don’t eat when we’re stressed or when we don’t want to feel. Mental resiliency.

We’re not in ketosis if we’re eating.

My daily quote: Eating is overrated.

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That’s certainly a novel definition.


I think that some of you are treating keto and ketones as a magic solution to everything, but they are not, because we are human, not robots. In a perfect world, we would eat only what we need and we would react to stimuli in a sane, logical and emotionless way.

I’ve been on keto for over a year and a half and I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained weight and I’m still experimenting with my body. A lot of us here have gained weight and there is so much we don’t know about metabolism, mechanisms, hormones, etc - all we can do is recognize the symptoms, adjust, observe, adjust some more and KCKO. We all battle our demons that got us here in the first place: I still have cravings, I still have days when I want to stuff my feelings with nuts, etc. We all have different bodies and not a single person here is the same - I can’t have dairy, others can have as much cheese as they can eat, we all have different illnesses… Placing us all in the same simplified robotic form is silly and very wrong - ketosis doesn’t rewire anything, we are just more aware of our bodies and we try to hack basic biology.

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The Wooo has had a bit of a series on what she calls the bleach diet, which is where you add literal antiseptics (vinegar is the safest and the one I’d recommend) to your diet around 2-6x/day.


Wish it was that simple. If it was, everybody that simply stayed on plan would go from start weight to goal without issue, but in the real world it doesn’t work that smoothly.

No, it’s not. Aside from the fact that I’m a tracker and know every micro and macro going into me I’ve been eating LCHF since the mid 2000’s (Atkins) and Keto long before it was the fad it is now. Not saying I’m some Keto Jedi master but like I said above, not making any rookie mistakes either.

For MANY years I had the same exact mindset you do now. “All you gotta do” is not eat carbs, keep the insulin down, my A1C is typically around 4.8 and everything will work, you’ll loose weight so on and so forth. Then when my results clearly showed otherwise I started looking at it from above. I realized that I was the keto equivalent of people who blindly believe CICO is as simple as in vs out, just on the other side of the fence. We know that simply overeating for our stomach size will create an insulin response, lots of stuff can but the point is that like the CICO war, it’s not just as simple as doing “x”. People talk a lot about bio-individuality, but then throw that out when a result doesn’t match an pre determined outcome and it’s automatically assumed that they’re screwing up. Not the case most of the time.