Can I lose weight on high fat?


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I joined Factor75 to deliver weekly Keto meals as im trying to lose weight.

I eat 3 meals a day to reach my goal of 2000 calories, but every meal has 50 grams of fat, so im eating 150 grams of fat a day! Will I still lose weight eating 150 grams of fat aslong as my calories are good?

Their carbs are also on the higher level, I eat 40 grams of net carbs daily from their meals.

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Eat the fat, trash the carbs. In fact, increase the fat to cover whatever caloric energy you trash with the carbs. Best wishes.

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PS: Do I need to say I’m being somewhat facetious? Presumably, they’re delivering food - that consists of varying amounts of integral fat/protein/carbs. So just ‘trashing the carbs’ might not be easy. But, I don’t know. Maybe they’re including foods that are primarily carbs, which you could dump. Or maybe they have some variety to choose from and you could eliminate most if not all the carbs by selecting different choices.


I can’t, when I want to loose fat my fat intake can’t be much over 80g or so or I won’t lose, regardless of my other macros. 40g isn’t high, as long as you’re active that shouldn’t be a problem and it still very much lower than normal low carb eating. Most start at the 20g level which is considered “safe” for most to get into ketosis, but that doesn’t even remotely mean that you need to be at that level to lose body fat either. If you’re going straight to this from normal SAD eating you’ll still most likely loose a ton. Whether you can hit your goals at those macros or not is all up to figuring out you and what your body does at those levels.

Also, fix your mindset… lose FAT, not weight! That’s a huge very important difference! Are you active? Working out? All that comes into play.


Of course it’s possible to do but we don’t know you. I lost a lot of fat (for me, at least, I did it for several months) eating 130g fat and 80g carbs on a typical day as my calories were low enough back then (2000 kcal, my body seemed to love that number, I automatically ate around that amount when I didn’t eat without a good reason)… With less carbs, my fat can go higher… 150g is a tad much for me right now but for a slow loss, maybe. (Too bad I can’t stay that low with my fat intake all the time…)

My SO would lose fat eating 150g fat and more carbs than that too so it’s individual. His energy need is way higher.
And I don’t know yours.

40g may or may not be high, it’s very individual. I am in ketosis around that but I am undisciplined and hungrier, it’s too high for me to slim down all the way. It depends on my food items to some extent, though and timing matters as well. It’s too much for some people and anything may interfere with someone’s fat-loss, it seems, there are very interesting stories. But many of us just need to eat little enough and fat-loss happens. Of course it should be right, nutritious, satiating… But ketosis isn’t needed for fat-loss and it’s not a guarantee for fat-loss (if there is excess fat) either.

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I started out eating high fat, then when I wasn’t hungry anymore (who knew that could happen!), I cut back on the fat. You can’t use your body fat when you are eating too much fat, your body will use food first. Eat enough fat to make it to your next meal without snacking. Eat the fat in the foods (think steak and bacon), not added fats like butter and heavy whipping cream, mayo, etc.

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My weight is 360 lbs so I think its okay for me to eat this much fat? Im not sure what to do because I do not want to cook. My only option is these meal delivery. I dont want a slow weight loss, I want to lose alot weight. So im hoping this fat intake wont be an issue aslong as I stick to my calories :frowning:

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When I started Keto I was 342lbs and definitely ate a lot more than 2000 calories a day when I started Keto and still do. I think you will find that the biggest recommendation around here is keeping your carbs around 20g. Calorie restriction is not likely to produce the best longer term results. Also, try not to worry about “too much fat”. I know it’s hard to let go of years of being told that fat = bad but I let go of that worry and I have already lost 70lbs in 4 months and still going strong. Cooking yourself will definitely help you control your carb intake better which is really more important than calories or fat. Not saying 20g is required or the cap for everyone but it is a good starting point, at least until you are fat adapted


I wish you luck!

Is getting the meals delivered sustainable for you?

I think that if you lose weight by doing something you can’t keep on doing after the weight is lost could be counterproductive. You’d risk putting all the weight back, plus some. You’d risk damaging your metabolism.

People on keto, or any other diet, only lose weight and keep the weight off for as long as they’re on the diet.

If your diet consists of getting meals delivered, what is going to happen when you can’t keep this going?

If you’d take the time to learn how to make food you can keep on making, you’d have acquired skills and habits that could help you keep the weight off by the time you’d have lost some.

Whatever you decide, I hope you get to your goals.


Everybody is different on this journey. Give yourself a timeframe of say 3 months.

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I lost weight eating a lot of fat - at least it seemed a lot to me as I don’t really know - I just tracked my carbs.

But after I stopped being hungry I cut back on the fat so I would use my body fat like @quiltergirl did. I didn’t lose weight any faster doing this - in fact my weight loss had already slowed when I did this, but that is normal.

Were you eating out every meal before you signed up for meal delivery? I agree with @Corals - if you want to sustain this lifestyle at some point you will need to break out the pots and pans. In my case it is the sous vide and instant pot and I use those the most for cooking my protein.

I can make a pizza using a low carb wrap in 15 minutes and hardly anything to wash up afterwards. Or scramble some eggs in butter in less than 10 minutes.

The weight may melt off of you… or it may come off slow, depending on your metabolic health. Keto isn’t magic, but it works for most people. There are some women your size here who lost a lot very fast and some slower than me and I only had 40 lbs to lose.

I wish you the best! I am 62 and have more energy and feel better than I ever have in my life!

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Not being hungry anymore is a good thing for me lol I want that

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We recommend eating only enough fat to satisfy your hunger. While the metabolism can speed up to some extent if we eat extra calories, there are limits to this, as in all things.

As long as you are keeping your carbohydrate low and getting a reasonable amount of protein, try eating only when hungry, stopping eating when no longer hungry, and not eating again until hungry again. In other words, don’t eat to a target number of calories, and don’t eat just because the clock tells you to. Give this a try for three or four weeks, and see what happens. Let your body tell you when and how much to eat.

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I’d be more concerned about the carbs than the fat. What’s in a typical meal? What form do the carbs take? Is there a carby item you could discard – such as a piece of fruit or dessert, or a sauce that can be rinsed off?

I understand about not wanting to cook. I’d go that route if I could.

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“… lose FAT, not weight!” Smart. Tucking that one away.


Your energy need must be way over mine. I never was heavier than 180lbs but 130g fat worked for me even with 80g carbs. Occasionally over 200g, I tried to minimize it but I just can’t eat below 200g all the time. it’s not much fat in my world just compared to my energy need. So I had 1-2 higher fat days per week.
But I was 155-180 lbs, sedentary short woman. My fat-loss was slow (and only happened due to my quicker than expected metabolism) but yours should be quick enough eating 2000 kcal. My SO is below 150 lbs and he easily loses fat at a nice pace eating 2500… But it’s very, very, very individual, really and things can interfere. 2000 kcal would be starvation for some people. You have plenty of fat reserves to get fat from and I wouldn’t think you should worry but if your body works okay enough, you should feel when you go too low anyway.

I like (simple) cooking and it’s good I cook for a high-carber and experiment for myself as my normal food is ridiculously easy. I toss some pork into the oven and I have meat for 4-5 days… Some eggs, cold stuff and that’s it. It needn’t to be complicated.
If one wants cooked/fried vegetables, that’s more work. I did vegetarian low-carb and keto for long, I feel so blessed I don’t need to bother with vegetables that just made me hungrier (but were super tasty, that’s why I ate them I guess)…
I still eat vegetables but just a tiny amount of raw and pickled ones, no work at all (as I can’t make my own pickled stuff, I get from a relative or buy them. I only can pickle eggs, I just toss my eggs into some leftover pickle juice and extra vinegar and wait some days :)).


I checked out a meal.
I wouldn’t worry about your fat issue on this plan, I would worry big time on the carb count.

Those meals are higher carb so if you are eating 2? or 3? per day what is your carb limit here, probably way above what the ‘Keto Plan’ would be suggesting we limit carbs to around 20g total so???

The chicken picatta meal had 18g of carbs.
Fiber 5g
Their chili is 13g total with only 3g fiber? so 10g right there for a small portion so???

Alot of wondering on this one for me here :slight_smile: but if it floats your boat then cool.

so we are at 13g for one small meal so IF YOUR focus is on ‘keto plan’ then I take it you are ‘wrangling your meal choices’ to be all about the carbs per day while eating these meals?

I get the convenience of course.
I get totally what Corals said in that if you don’t do this long term thru life on the meal plan you can’t possibly make this long term when you drop the delivery and go to real life.

Alot of red flags here truly but if this works for you have at it :slight_smile: Your fat is not the issue if you want ‘Keto Plan’, it is all about the carb intake to address this eating plan and how you work that out on these meals.
Good luck!!


But it’s the best for some of us to eat higher carb, not even keto first. I very much needed my 80g net carbs time before keto (and on/off keto before on/off carnivore-ish) - and lost fat just fine with that. Maybe the OP will be more comfortable and can go lower later. That was always the logical direction to me, not starting with 20g and later raising it… But it’s individual, of course.
Keto isn’t required to lose fat though it helps many.


Probably but not necessarily, at your weight I’d also make SURE you’re tracking your macros so you don’t under eat. At your weight not only do you have a lot more muscle than you’re accounting for, but that translates into a higher RMR (that’s why bigger people can eat so much), it literally DOES take more to fuel you. If your calories drop too low too fast (or for too long) you’re entering the calorie trap, your RMR will drop and it becomes harder to loose. You literally want a wasteful metabolism, not an efficient one. I made that mistake myself, was NOT worth it. I also compounded it with another handful of stupid moves but that (may) have been the worst one.

Keto can be very satiating between the protein and fats, which makes it easy to eat too little and be satiated, problem starts when you’re at 360lbs and eating 1500 calories when you could be losing fat at 3000! As you get near your goal that all snowballs on you and you’re stuck. As somebody that had to reverse diet to get my metabolic rate back up, I can assure you it’s nothing people want to do.

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I used to eat 1500 calories and fasting, so I think that effected my metabolism badly and I stopped losing weight. I was always hungry and couldnt continue my diet! Calorie calculator says I should eat 2500 for extreme weight loss.