Can I date a vegan?

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First, respect yourself…

Why should you give up your personal health considerations out of concern for someone else’ ethics,

Things like this really need to be sorted out before a relationship moves beyond friendship.

I would never eat out with someone and conform to their way of eating. If the other person is not comfortable with the way I eat, they have a choice not to join me for a meal.


I have and the definition is incorrect.

People who have never been abused or felt enslaved or had to put up with second hand smoke by a parent don’t truly understand what enslaved animals feel. To be in their shoes.

Killing a factory farmed animal is putting it out of its misery after it had to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate all in one room. There is no justification for forcing any living creature in a cage. I’ve lived through something similar and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I eat some animals but I will never support these narcissistic barbaric practices driven by cognitive dissonance. It says a lot about the people who support these practices.

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I am not a Vegan nor a Vegetarian myself; and I have never been either. I was just answering your question.

I could never be a total Carnivore; either, because I enjoy Coconut products, MCT products, EVOO, and vegetables too much, but I am supportive of our Carnivores on here if that works for them.

We all have our own personal choices, and values, etc and it is important to respect each other, was all I was saying =).

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Respecting others without trying to force my beliefs, values, lifestyle choices, religion, politics, or Way of Eating on them – they have to make their choices, and I am only directly responsible for my own --not what they do in life =).

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We all have our own personal choices, and values, etc and it is important to respect each other, was all I was saying =).

Yeah I agree Susan. We all have different opinions but it’s not fair for people to get the S#its if they don’t agree with you. Opinions are like Ass#oles. Everybody has one.:joy::joy::joy:.


It’s impossible to feel respect(deep admiration) for vegans when/if your actions are in direct contradiction to morality.

I could never act fake just to justify an action that I would never do myself directly.

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Well I’m not a vegan and never have been but I have a very dear friend who is a vegan. She is the most amazing beautiful person and just because I’m Keto and not vegan, I still support her and she supports me. She may not agree with keto but she " Respects" my wishes and knows we all have different options and beliefs and concepts. It would be a very very boring word if we all thought the same, wouldn’t it?? Yes I’m Keto but I can see vegans points to an extent. Sure some push their shit on others and try to convert but I feel sad when I see pigs in factorys in hell basically, calves taken away from their mothers and slaughtered, horses put on conveyer belts, while still alive and tortured. It’s awful. I pray for the animals soul before I eat it. Yes I’ve been a vegetarian and I can see both sides of the coin. Dosent mean we all have to get annoyed when we don’t agree on something. It’s best to agree to disagree. And i do think a person on Keto could totally date a vegan. If the love is real it wouldn’t matter. They cook their food and we cook ours. Simple really.:cut_of_meat::apple:

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There’s no external standard for “morality,” there. A given person will have their own food preferences while having a wide range of possible feelings about veganism.

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Hey Consistency, this is how I type a big, long fart sound #@#&$#+& :smile:

Now, waste all the typing you want to on me. I’m done.

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I agree 100%!

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I would say yes you can date her but before you choose a commitment you need to live together for a length of time and experience daily 24/7 routines as this is probably the only way to really see if you can overcome this obstacle. (it could be a big one)
If living together is not an option I would be dating for a very long time before I made that commitment. There are so many things you cannot avoid in a commited relationship that are already against you. (as I am sure you are aware of with you past relationship).
Good Luck however you go.

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As a formerly severely abused (actual methodical torture from infancy on) child I totally get what you’re saying. I have a massive problem with helpless creatures suffering as all factory farmed animals do. All suffer. This is an indisputable fact.

I have zero problem with a quick, clean kill that happens so fast the animal has no time to feel fear nor pain. However, unless one is themself a hunter and crack shot, there will be pain and fear when one kills an animal and in large scale operations, you are correct, the animals entire existence is unnatural and torturous. Those who deny this are ignorant of the facts of the methods of dairy and cattle farming, and chickens as well.

I myself must disconnect from the knowledge I have in order to eat meat. I do it, but I never pretend it doesn’t exist, just that I have it compartmentalized.

I do think your later posts are a tad too philosophical for this venue.

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There is a certain morality in being kind to others. Especially strangers on the Internet you know nothing about.




I’m not vegan either but what you guys are saying isn’t correct. I’m not taking sides. The least you could do is admit that vegans have a point regarding the way animals are raised and the toxic feed they are fed.

Pasture raised meat makes my spinal cord feel like a steel rod while grain fed makes me feel like crap. So veganism isn’t about just not eating meat. I like veganism because it wakes people up to the garbage we are being fed.

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@anon81060937, What the hell are you talking about!!! I clearly put in my post how awful it is to see Animals raised in factorys. Did you not read it correctly?? Yes I agree with you. Pasture fed animals are much better. Without all the added hormones and grain and steroids and torture. It makes me sick hearing the horror stories of slaughter houses. So I don’t understand at ALL why you are arguing and saying we are not “Correct”. And you are?? Come on now…I think this argument, disagreement, whatever you wanna call it, has burnt out. :roll_eyes::crazy_face::exploding_head::joy: Also I was neglected, mistreated and abused as a child too. So I understand about the pigs and cows laying In shit and piss and filth. Come on, lighten up lovey. Peace be with you.:heart:

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@BlueViolet Word!!! I agree with every word you said. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: