Can I borrow a book please

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Hello Keto’ers,
I really want to read a book by Edward Robert Pinckney and Russell Lesley Smith called The Cholesterol Conspiracy. It cost a lot of money and wanted to ask if anyone could lend me their copy to read? I know it is quite a big ask, but I would appreciate it very much.
On the same note. Can you recommend me some books on cholesterol please?


Want it as an E-Book?

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Hi @lfod14,
Yes please, any format would do!


PM me your email and I’ll send you a link to download it from me

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Just did
Thank you very much!

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Thank you!

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Dr Kendrick has a huge amount of info on his blog too

The older stuff will be cholesterol more recently he has turned his eye to COVID and the global idiocy.

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Thank @MarkGossage
Will have a look!

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Off topic, but how do you PM someone!


Click their avatar, then click Message

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Thanks. As I always tell my husband… just read it, honey.