Can carbs cause muscle pain?

(Lindsey) #1

Yesterday I had my first carb blow out since I started keto in June. I know some people experience cramps and muscle pain when they start keto, but I didn’t have that.

Last night I ate a lot of pizza, and when I went to bed I became aware of a lot of unexplained aches and pains. This morning when I got up everything hurts. My leg muscles, chest, back, shoulders… my question is can a sudden influx of carbs cause that or is it more likely I’m coming down with something?

(Diane) #2

A ketogenic way of eating has a powerfully anti-inflammatory effect on the body. After you’ve been in ketosis awhile and then eat carbs, your body will produce glycogen to store the excess blood sugar in your liver and muscles. This can cause water retention and inflammation.

The good news is that when you go back to eating ketogenically, you quickly drop this “water weight” as you deplete these glycogen stores. This should reduce inflammation and any associated aches and pains.

(Allie) #3

Most likely inflammation caused by the carbs.

(Lindsey) #4

Thanks guys, I hope it goes away soon, I feel like someone has beaten me up overnight, I’m hobbling about groaning!

(Daisy) #5

You are very likely dehydrated as well, which is quite often my source of muscle cramps/soreness.


First time I ate carby after being keto for a couple of months I felt like I’d been hit by a bus! I’ve since had the very odd carbier day & it hasn’t happened again - I assume because I’m better adapted & more metabolically flexible. Haven’t forgotten how bad I felt though :face_with_head_bandage:

(Lindsey) #7

Yeah, I feel shockingly awful, hit by a bus describes it exactly!

(Joanna Parszyk ) #8

I’d agree with whatever the wise Ketopians already said.
I started keto 6 years ago, acheived the weight loss as l wanted, then went paleo for maintenance. Turned out too much carbs so l’m here back for the health.
While l had more carbs on paleo mostly for m fruit and rice or sweet potato (but never came back to pizza, sweets and other carbage) l feels inflamed and aching all over and thought it is overtraining…

(Juan Manuel) #9

I feel the same.
Half a week of abuse (brownies, ice cream) after steady carnivore for a while.
I started the binge a couple of days after a session of pullups and dips. The DOMS settled retroactively after eating carbs. And is lasting long. Besides the inflammatory response I’m thinking it might be also related to cholesterol. Insulin spikes cause cholesterol receptors to over express. Same as statins. My dad was in a lot of muscle pain the 1st and only week he took statins, after doing keto for months. He went back to keto and reversed his carotid artery plaque.