Can anyone explain this

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I normally can read some of the science but this loses me, can anyone explain this one as I think it is important.

and this supporting tweet

Stephan Guyenet, PhD @whsource
This adds support to the concept that insulin resistance is caused in large part by cellular energy excess.

it seems quite important to me ?

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Let’s begin with a question. What causes ‘energy excess’ at the fat cell level? What if I say it’s high insulin levels?


Epidemiological studies are useful for forming hypotheses. Not to formulate final conclusions. Hypotheses need to be tested before validation.

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The one in the OP is not really epidemiological, although associational. However, disturbances in fat storage are mechanistically linked to basically all metabolic diseases. The most striking example is lipodistrophy where one is unable to store sufficient amounts of fat. The result is very similar to type 2 diabetes: profound insulin resistance, ectopic fat deposition, elevated blood sugar.
Let me know if you need actual animal/human studies, I have dozens on file as this has been one of the main areas of interest to me.


Yes correct erdoke I equated epidemiological with association. I still draw great caution where there is any basic pattern matching used as evidence to formulate a conclusion. I cannot see the use of this sort of stuff beyond just formulating a hypothesis…which then needs to be tested in a controlled study.

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As I see it it’s just a conformation from a genetics perspective of what we already know from different levels of experimental science.