Camps Buttered Beef Steaks

(Troy) #1

A blast from the past!:smile:

I miss these​:cry::weary:
Hard to find now ANYWHERE

Anyone else remember?
Crazy tasty good…IMHO


(Carol E. ) #2

I’ve never heard of them. I hope you find them. I found this interesting tidbit from 2012

(Troy) #3

Thank You!
I just came across that website as well
As I was posting

My search continues😃
I will b checking Stater Bros and Albertsons when I’m by one. 4sure🤣
I may even email or call around


I created a user id for this question - I’m looking for these too. I grew up in SoCal and I know we have food memories from our childhood that somehow when we try them again as an adult we’re like “what was I thinking?” But I have not seen these since moving from SoCal in 1990. I don’t know what made me start thinking of finding them but now I’m obsessed. We live in Nevada now, and if anyone knows where these can be bought I’d sure appreciate the info.

(Troy) #5

Found them😄
At both Vons and Stater Bros locally!
You just reminded me.
I’ll let you know once in hand

(Troy) #6

First of all
Welcome aboard!

Here you go😄
From Vons

(Roxx Odell) #7

I want these too ive been looking i think the main company went out of business i would buy these. By the box if i could yried stater bros in. Rialto ca no luck heartbroken if you find them anyone please send store info i need to speak to the manager and find out where they get them from i need to go to the source

(Troy) #8

First, Welcome to the forum😄

Yeah, they are so tasty!!
If I come across them this week
I’ll PM for sure
I’m not to far from Rialto…where I hibernate…I mean live :rofl:

Try Vons as well.
That was the last store I made the purchase from

Good Luck

(Bonnie Mac Queen) #9

Has anyone found these yet? Did they discontinue them?

(Bonnie Mac Queen) #10

Have you found them?


If my Googling was correct they went out of business in 2017.