Calories on carnivore

(Steve) #1

Right now I am 6’2 and 246lbs. I eat to satisfy . Started a bad habit of grazing at work with pepperoni . But trying to fix. I only eat one real
Meal a day and not hungry after. I just don’t think I am getting enough calories. I want to track to see if I am . The problem is indont like fatty steaks or organ meat . I buy regular ground beef chicken turkey etc . Can you please give me some ideas about daily calories . Keep in mind years ago had gastric bypass so stomach is not as large as most people

(Vic) #2

Hi steve,

I am about as tall as you and was as large, I lost the weight on carnivore, 57 pounds, Im now 180 pounds.

Aprox 2200 kcal a day means stable for me, below that I slowly lose weight. I never eat less than 2000 a day.

I stopped counting calories 2.5 years ago. It stopped meaning anyting ones I was fully keto/carnivore.
Eating till you feel full and happy is the thing to aim for.


You got some big situatons.

Gastric bypass for one.

How long zero carb? Cause that is a clue on how you might be eating in that new on plan we eat more, then we satiate alot and eat way less and then we flip flop on our personal needs.

but are you ‘controlled’ by ‘your stomach size’ truly right now? That is a whole new ballgame walking into carnivore cause your first and foremost need will be protein. The meat. Not the fat content truly. You need ‘food and kcals from that ingested food’ if your tummy is controlling your portion size.

fat intake with a smaller stomach size thru surgery will be rough on you actually. Increasing ‘fat intake’ and limiting your ‘actual meal kcals’ thru solid food will be a ‘experimental game for you’ entering carnivore.

I vary and now into year 4.
I eat 1400? to 3000 kcals to 1200 one day to 5000 another so it is all about what my body is asking of me.

So again, how long carnivore?
How long on your ‘gastric bypass’ and how many ‘years ago’ and did you lose and gain back? Any other med issues?

Alot of personal info on you that will come into play here.
wishing you only the best to move forward but heading into carnivore one ‘never asks’ how many kcals are needed :slight_smile: :slight_smile: We eat all we need, if we crave fat and meat we do it, we crave leaner meats we know it like chicken, we don’t wanna eat we don’t :wink: So alot of chat with you on where you are and what you went thru first with gastric first would help alot.

but in the bitter end there are ‘no kcals on carnivore’ truly. We eat as needed. what suits us personally. So your situation holds very dear changes for you to accomplish it but in the end, no hard at all, eat by your body. what is it asking for but if you ‘get great food protein’ in your personal situation if you want more fat then eat it. if you want less than eat it ya know. Carnivore is relax and eat as you see fit and ALL heals and changes thru that process but can be a long time for many and adaption thru it can be hard or easier as we are all so different coming into this way of life.

(Steve) #4

Thanks I seem to be eating enough to maintain but want to loose some more. I would like 1 to 2 mlbs a week . I have been on keto again since September and carnivore since early December and love it

(Vic) #5

Intermittent Fasting works wonders for weightloss.

Eat only 2 meals a day with some snacking inbetween to compensate for the smaller stomach.

No eating or drinking any calories between last meal and next day first meal.

(Steve) #6

Thanks I basically do that .


yea that is very new to plan. key to carnivore is just eat as your body asks and time on this plan helps heal your body internally…with that does come your weight changes.

just hold the fort ya know…give it a bit more time and just be sure to take measurements also. Alot of times we lean out and lose a few on the body in inches and the scale holds steady…so count that one in too :slight_smile:

(Steve) #8

Yes the clothes are much looser or too big . Still want the scale. Not sure why

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #9

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Do I want to look as though I’ve lost 30 lbs. and have the scale show no change, or do I want to lose those 30 lbs. and continue to look the same as I do now?

(Elizabeth ) #10

I lost about 5 lb in 2 and 1/2 years carnivore total but two full sizes in my pants. Then when I gave up salt back in November I dropped 17 lb and one more pant size


I heard a great quote from Marty Kendall from Optimising Nutrition this past week.

“Calories count. But people are really bad at counting them.”

It recognises that energy models of dietary nutrition are relevant but the calorie counting models are not the best method.

I like his and Dr. Ted Naiman’s approach of making sure you have enough protein per day in meals (as a guide: 1.8g/ kg of optimal lean body weight). Then work on the details of getting essential nutrients such as electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. The easiest way to do this is to source, cook, or prepare nutritious whole foods. And for a ketogenic approach, limit the carbohydrates to low carb (we all know the number that works for us). Then focus on quality and sources of fat. In many cases for people eating a low carb diet for body fat loss, there is no real need to add too much extra fat to a way of eating.


You are my ZC hero now :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It is great to see someone getting good results from their plan!
I am on your tail with cutting out salt but just not there yet but your experiment on you…oh yea you rocked it and now you know I wanna go there with you :sunny:

(Bob M) #13

I’ve really begun to dislike Marty. For instance, he has 5 posts now about keto LIES. Why lies? Why not misconceptions?

Furthermore, I HATE the fact that all his data is based on a very narrow group of people. Much of what he says does not apply to me. For instance, since I have a ketonix (breath ketone analyzer), I take my breath ketones every day I’m at work. Marty says that the combination of blood sugar and breath ketones tell you whether you’re burning body fat. For me, this is wrong. The only thing I’ve been able to reliably see via my ketonix is that if I eat a lot of fat the day before, my values will be higher. But that’s just because I have more fat (energy) in my blood, NOT because I’m burning body fat. Thus, this theory of his is wrong, at least as far as I can tell.