Cake grandma- sugar OD

(LeeAnn Brooks) #1

Yes, I’m the cake grandma. I have made some really amazing creations out of sugary confections.
Tomorrow is my granddaughters 11th birthday and she wanted a unicorn cake.

This one isn’t my best work, but she’ll love it.

I don’t even want to think about the amount of sugar and refined flour in this thing.

Should this be concidered child abuse???

(Maha) #2

How fun! It’s really pretty and I’m sure your granddaughter will love it. No, it’s not child abuse - they should still be able to enjoy treats now and again, IMHO. Happy birthday to your granddaughter!

(LeeAnn Brooks) #3

Yeah, I meant that more tongue in cheek, but I agree.

And how can a grandma tell her granddaughter no?

What I’m most proud of is I didn’t lick a single thing. Not a spoon, not a beater, not a smidge of frosting from my fingers. That was always a must during clean up before. And I won’t be having a piece tomorrow either.

(Brian) #4

LeeAnn, that’s some awesome willpower you have there, not even a lick. Wow.

I don’t make stuff with real sugar in it anymore but when I make something like whipped cream for a treat, you better bet those beaters get a good lickin’. LOL!! I’d share with my wife if she wanted but she usually doesn’t want. :slight_smile: More for me! :smiley:

(Maha) #5

The hardest part about making non-keto food for others is not tasting it! Because how do you know you’ve got the right taste? Although, it probably wouldn’t matter at this point - it wouldn’t taste good anyway. I’d made a fruit tart at the holidays and tried it. I’d followed the directions perfectly, but it was sooooo sweet and gross. Everyone loved it! I do keep a picture of it as my work computer wallpaper because it looks so pretty.

(Troy) #6

Great Work!
Fun time
Love this :heart_eyes:

Made me think

I watch all the non KETO porn shows :joy::flushed:
Cupcake Wars, cake wars, wedding cake championships, etc etc…best chef, worst chef.

I find myself always wanting to bake for others I like to as well
Im a sugar drug pusher I guess. I admit it :weary:

For all the KETO haters in my life…even when I offer or try to make their food likings , I still get kick back. Lol

“ why you making that, you will not eat it”
“ I thought you can’t eat this treat“
GEtting all angry and up tight. Haha

Nope. I can eat anything I want. I choose not to eat this dessert. I do NOT feel deprived :laughing:

I guess “you just can’t have/make your cake and eat it too”
So that’s where the saying came from

(LeeAnn Brooks) #8

Wat about the frosting???

(LeeAnn Brooks) #10

Is it a stiff frosting? You have to have stuff frosting to do decorating. Otherwise things don’t stay in place.

If so, I’d love to try it.

I was thinking a cream cheese frosting might be made to work for Keto and be stiff enough.

(Troy) #11

Whats the ingredients in the cake mix?
Nutrition label info I guess


Buttercream with powdered erythritol should work for decorations, I think it could be stiff enough.

I love this cake! I want to make something like it for my daughter’s next birthday!