CAC vs. CIT?

(BuckRimfire) #1

Are there studies that look at whether Coronary Artery Calcium or carotid artery ultrasound are “better” predictors of cardiovascular disease?

(Robin) #2

No clue. someone on here will have input tho, I bet. My doc looked at my CAC and said it was good for a snapshot of a moment in time. Makes sense. But I would guess an ultrasound gives more insight into how it’s actually working…? I’ll be curious to see what you find out. If you have reason to be concerned in that area, both might be a good option.

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You might find some studies by going to the Web site of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, then navigating to their PubMed database. Another resource, if PubMed fails to turn anything up, would be Google Scholar.

I’d be curious to know the result, especially if you find some papers.


My hubby had both done at one time. The ultrasound tells you how well the blood is flowing. The CAC shows where any and how much plaque is built up. Both are useful information. He had a normal blood flow, but he had a high plaque build up, he had torn a spot on his heart in a car accident when he was 21, the dr. pointed out that plaque has probably saved his life (he was 65 at the time.) He had another CAC done after he modified how he eats and started taking some supplements that help with plaque build up and he had only averaged a 1% per yr increase in 5 yrs. so dr. and he were both ok with that.

Your body makes plaque when it needs it. The tear in hubby’s heart could have easily killed him back then, but his body healed itself.

Always remember it is n=1, so who knows what the result would be with someone else.


“started taking some supplements that help with plaque build up”

Can I ask what is he taking? N=1 I know, but interesting consideing his success.


Vit Ks and D3, along with fish oil. I also take those and am going to be happy when I can get another CAC to see what my own results will be, I’ve only had one scan…


Thanks. I’m doing K2 (MK4 100 mcg, MK7 200mcg) and D3 (2000 iu) a day, plus sardines pretty much every day. Getting CAC in UK is expensive so don’t know current score (was 333 in 2015). Not sure what I would do differently if score was up hugely…

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Here’s a Wheat Belly article, though oddly, he does not mention K2: