CAC score is in - 0!


(Raj Seth) #1

@Cecile and I finally went and got our CAC score. Both got a 0!!
YAY! :+1:
I was nervous because I was a pack+ day smoker back in the day (1983-1995). However the lungs came back clear and the CAC 0. Now, Keto for life since 2 yrs ago, I hope and expect that 5 yrs from now - it will still be 0

:bacon::cut_of_meat::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone: FTW


Go celebrate with a ribeye!

(Jane) #3

Excellent !!!

(Dee In NY, US wasT2D. Started keto June 14, 2019) #4

Woot woot!!

(Raj Seth) #5

Did - Ribeye yesterday. Sausage crust Meatza, Fathead & pan pizza today, Wiener Schnitzel (Pork Rind crust, shallow Tallow fried) the day before.

#boringketo :bacon::cut_of_meat::+1::+1::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone:

(Susan) #6

Congrats to both you and your lovely wife on those great CAC score, Keto for the win =).

(Steven Lawrence Dow) #7

I’m hoping to get a CAC soon. I found out my insurance covers it, 80/20. Just waiting for my doctor’s referral.

(Scott) #8

Great score! This is on my β€œto do” list along with blood work and Dexa scan