Busted out Myfitness Pal ap again

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Welp, so I added myfitness pal ap again. Oddly enough even though I was being good Keto, I was eating too much keto. Guess my body isn’t ready to listen too to eat to satiety yet. Well, my body is there, but where it thinks my set point is for weight and where I want to be we are in disagreement over. LoL.

With myfitness pal back, I have lost 4 pounds in a couple days just recording what I am eating. It also makes me think twice about getting another handful of almonds.

Anyway, if anyone uses it and wants to add me as a friend please do. Name on myfitness pal is Vladaar.



People are terrible at keeping track of what they eat. Trusting our hunger/satiety is a huge fail for many of us regardless of how long we’ve eaten this way. It’s almost 4yrs later for me and I can absolutely NOT go by how I feel, never could.

Tracking works! Plus, it’s an awesome troubleshooting tool for after the fact when you change something and want to correlate it so basically anything. Now that you’re back tracking, not sure if you are paying for the added stuff with MFP, if you decide too I’d strongly recommend dumping it for cronometer, WAY more info and tools than the competition. I have the paid versions of Cronometer, MyFitnessPal and Carb Manager (I cycle through them all to always have the best one). For now cronometer destroys the other two.