Bunless burger with a ranch dressing side

(Danielle) #1


I love eating keto. I can eat like this and lose 30kgs.

(Morgan Rose) #2

Looks yummmyy. Did u make ur own ranch?

(Danielle) #3

Yes @Erika did

(Morgan Rose) #4

Recipe? Please and thank you, I’m new and was searching but did not find one posted. Thank you! :heart_eyes::grinning:

(Erika) #5

I don’t have a recipe as such - sorry! It was equal parts sour cream & mayo, then some chopped chives & garlic powder. Salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste. I then add a little water to thin if it is too thick.

This is probably not a true ‘ranch’ we are Aussie and call it that but I am not entirely sure on a proper US version?