Bulking tips

(Sebastien Szczepaniak) #21

@KennyCrox Thx.

So basically, if both options keep me in Ketosis, adjusting and manipulating Fat intake (from 170 to 240+) is how I would play with deficit / maintain / bulk periodisation basically? does it make sense?

Knowing that my protein intake would remain the same (circa 170) and carbs at net 20g.
Maybe it is that simple after all :slight_smile:


(Chris) #22

Resistance trained athletes on low carbs traditionally are in ketosis regardless of protein ratio. Ymmv and as Kenny said, best to test if you’re uncertain.

(Kenny Croxdale) #23

Keto Protein Ratio

The protein ratio matters with everyone, including athletes.

For most, the upper limit is around 25% of total calorie intake.

Some individual may push it up to 30%.

Checking it with a Ketometer provide you with the feed back you need; if you in ketosis or not. Other wise you flying blind.