Building Insulin Sensitivity & Fasting


(Denise) #1

I have been doing great on eating Keto, but I think my issues I’m still having are from eating snacks between meals. My issues aren’t to do with weight as I’ve lost 22 lbs, and am at a good weight now of 117, and I am 5’2". Pretty good muscle-tone in legs, but need more upper-body.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Ben Bickman, and from a video I’ve heard before, plus one from Dr. Jason Fung (I don’t feel I’m into his suggestions of 24 hour fasting, but he still has good info) I feel a gut-instinct that learning or applying a no-snack between meals would help me a lot. The only fasting I do right now is nothing after 6pm, and I don’t eat again until about 9 - 10 a.m.

My foods are all keto, including home-made, or nuts, cheese sticks.

I’m here to learn about others and their journey with Fasting, how you do yours, and also to make sure of my habit of eating the same meals every day.

My age will have a lot to do with things so yes, I am 69 this month. My exercise is only walking, but I have a rowing machine I like to use, but got lazy in the last month.

So my symptoms could be many things, but I’m hoping it is Insulin Resistance, because I have options on how to focus on that and heal it, if Dr. Bickman is right :wink: I heard recently, or read, that Insulin Resistance can cause hot-sweats, flashes whatever you want to call them so I got back onto IR study. I also feel hungry right after I eat a full, keto breakfast. Fat bombs helped but I want to make sure I don’t break my in-between meal fasts.

Ok, enough out’a me :wink: I hope to talk to some peeps here today, thank you much, denise
PS I do have some other symptoms/issues I’ll talk about as well.

(Bob M) #2

That’s actually better than what I get. 6pm to 9am is 15 hours. I typically eat late (often 9pm) and eat just after 10am most days, so only 13 hours. Will write more…but have to go for now.

(Take time to smell the bacon) #3

You might take a look to see what your reasons are for snacking. If it’s real hunger, then eat more at mealtimes. If it’s what Dr. Robert Cywes calls “emotional eating,” then try to find alternatives. Dr. Cywes says that he always keeps a cup of coffee handy, so as to give him something that’s not food to put in his mouth. (Smoking cigarettes or chewing gum are probably not great alternatives, lol!)

In my experience, I sweat a lot whenever I don’t listen to my body and overeat. It’s my body ramping up my metabolism and dealing with the extra energy by wasting heat. If I stop eating when I stop being hungry, and don’t let the urge to have something in my mouth rule me, I don’t sweat like that.

(Denise) #4

That stopping the food by 6 pm is mainly because I can wake up about 2 or 3 a.m. with Acid Reflux. Another of my issues, but not laying down before 3 hours after food has cured that, well, not cured because it will come back.

I drink 2 Cups of coffee and sit at my computer, and honestly don’t feel hungry until about 9 or 10, so I guess I might be doing something right :grinning:

Thanks much for your reply :wink:

(Take time to smell the bacon) #5

For what it’s worth, a number of people on these forums say that acid reflux seems to be caused by too little stomach acid (there is apparently research to show that higher acid helps the gastric sphincter stay shut), and that vinegar or some other form of acid can be helpful.

(Denise) #6

Mine are emotional, definitely, so I need to get busier because I don’t think of food, and don’t get hungry at all after dinner, just after Breakfast and Lunch. I am thinking something is missing in my Breakfasts and lunches. I think I am still eating under my caloric needs, just around 1100 some days.

My hot-sweats seem to be emotional too but I never can tell if I got emotional first or after. So many things could be the cause, I just feel I need to focus on “all things” to get my body into an Insulin Sensitive mode. I wrote to my doctor this a.m. and asked if I could get an Insulin test, whatever they are called, so we’ll see about that.

Thank you Paul, as always, you have info I need to read :slight_smile: I just got the go-ahead from my MD!!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #7

I think overnight fasting is great! It’s easy and reinforces ketosis. You may also find it beneficial to drink a couple tablespoons of vinegar diluted in about a cup of water half an hour before going to bed. The ‘acetal’ part of it supplies the ingredients for ketosis.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #8

PS: Since eating keto I seldom feel anything other than fleeting hunger and that only mornings after a 12+ hour overnight fast. Drinking diluted vinegar before bedtime pretty much guarantees I’ll experience it. I consider a few minutes of passing hunger a confirmation of ketosis - the transition from consumed energy to stored energy.

(Denise) #9

I do ACV at times if my stomach feels uncomfy for any reason. Also, baking soda seems to help with some sinus issues when I first lay down. They are way better since I dropped carbs, but not completely gone. Still flair up so I’m guessing the Almond Bread w/cream-cheese during a snack-time. I also got a bit hooked on peanuts in the shell until I read about them having toxins from the soil. I read a lot, but get conflicting views. Then I’m just confused :wink:

I did not know, however, about Vinegar being good before bed. I get a little nervous about too, much ACV. This health forum I read a lot on has ACV as a cure-all, and I just don’t know how that’s possible so I’m just use moderation on using it. Maybe you are talking White Vinegar which I know nothing about :slight_smile: Thank you for the reply, I do appreciate it as I now know a bit more about vinegar and it’s benefits.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #10

What matters is the acetic acid. I usually drink red wine vinegar, but any plain vinegar will do.

(Denise) #11

Ok Michael, I’ll need to find out how that works exactly, very interesting in other words and I’m always open to learning. Acetal is a new term to me :wink:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #12



When acetic acid is fed to a phlorhizinized dog or to fasting rats, there is an increase in the excretion of acetone bodies in the urine. Blood acetone body concentrations show that this is not due to changes in the renal threshold and the conclusion is reached that there is an increased production of acetone bodies. This is interpreted as a result of the conversion of acetic acid to acetoacetic acid.

Acetic acid feeding during fasting results in an increase in protein catabolism.

The formation of acetone bodies by acetic acid is used to support a modified view of the β oxidation hypothesis of fat metabolism which meets all of the important objections which have been raised to this hypothesis.

(Sandy Toomer) #13

We own a coffee shop and coffee roastery so coffee is always at hand. But I’ve switched over to just chugging a lot of water daily. We sell bottled water so I set out 4 Dasani’s on my office desk and every few hours down one. Keeps me full, hydrated and frankly, more energized. Also my wife and I both are typically on an OMAD regimen since we are so busy at work everyday it’s pretty easy. Then every few weeks we throw in a 48 hour fast. To start that we eat out last meal mid afternoon so we’re not hungry at home after work and let our sleep period work for us.

(Denise) #14

Staying busy in retirement is my biggest problem. I got to thinking about it and whenever I am out doing errands, for example, I don’t think of eating at all. I do end up eating a small bowl of yogurt, walnuts and limited amount of berries, but I don’t need to. It can be either boredom or habit with me. I’ve been trying the last, 2 days, or since I wrote the OP, but not there yet.

The bottom line is learning what is best to build Insulin Sensitivity for me, so I’m getting different info depending who I talk to. I’m looking forward to the test my doctor has ordered. Anyone know what an Insulin test looks like? I’ll check by googling it too, very curious about how they measure that :wink:

Is this the right test folks? I’m not even sure my doctor knew what to order for a lab-work?

(Denise) #15

I just realized my doctor didn’t setup the lab work, I have to do that. I also re-read his message on my question to have my Insulin Resistant tests. He just says “blood tests” not an HOMA-IR??

Now I’m concerned he didn’t order the right tests. I just spoke to his head Nurse and she didn’t even know what a HOMA-IR test was ;(

(Bob M) #16

Tell them fasting blood sugar and fasting insulin. You can then calculate it (just search for homa-ir calculation).

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #17