Bubly Sparkling Water (Pepsico company)

(Bob M) #21

I have to say that I look forward to having one 12-ounce can of flavored bubbly water every night. Whether it causes me cravings or not, I have no idea. Though since I’ve been drinking these for…years?..now, and am back into all my 34 inch waist pants, even my “thinnest” ones, if it is doing anything, it might be a small effect.

Whether they are good for me or not in other ways is something I won’t be able to tell, most likely.

(Denise) #22

I have a Bubly every day as well Bob. That one is good but I add the teeny scoop of stevia to it. as well. It’s put out by Pepsi, and now I see Coke is following suit with AHA sparkling water. I drink mine with a snack of nuts but not with a full meal as I was afraid the carbonation would cause for indigestion, or proper digestion??

(Ethan) #23

I’ve been drinking hoplark

(Denise) #24

I’ll check it out Ethan!


Another fan of plain sparkling water here. I don’t like, want or need fruit flavourings, natural or otherwise.

What I do like however is a dash of ACV added to the water from time to time. Try it if you haven’t already - sounds odd maybe but I think it gives the water a nice tangy flavour and prefer it to ACV/plain water.