BSC Greentea TX100

(Jeff Ryan) #1

I’m just wondering if this Aussie brand green tea keto friendly. I checked the nutritional value and I can’t see anything wrong with it but it taste soooo good!

Because it taste so good there must be some type of carbs or sweeteners.

Has anyone tried this?

(Richard Morris) #2

No idea - they only list active ingredients. It may have sugar or starch for shelf stabilization.

There’s no real benefit of vitamin-c supplementation to someone who is low carb as we need a lot less than a glucose burner. But you can get more from eating keto vegetables like capsicums or broccoli than you can from oranges.

Personally I get my green tea fix from;

(Jeff Ryan) #3

I ask the guy that a rep for BSC and he said there is absolutely no carbs. It’s pretty expensive anyway and works out to be $1.50 each for me as I work at the gym but it’s absolutely very tasty for green tea.

(Mark) #4

You could try matcha green tea it’s just a more powerful form of green tea, it’s good for your metabolism and I figure if I’m drinking it for the health benefits I might as well drink the best and it helps curb my coffee consumption,but I don’t need as much coffee because keto has increased my energy significantly