Brooklyn Borough Mayor beats T2D

(ianrobo) #1

Whilst this is not on abut Keto in particular the article is significant if you not the publisher.

HE has gone on an exercise routine and a vegan diet (Low carb by nature) ad guess what no need for Meds as the markers gone down to normal levels.

This is a NSV for him (weight of course has reduced as a positive) and just helps the whole movement.

(bulkbiker) #2

Not sure I would agree that a vegan diet is by nature low carb… fruit seems to play quite a big part and is specifically mentioned in the article.
And no bacon… still fair play to him for sticking to it… I think keto is more pleasurable for me anyway.

(ianrobo) #3

trying not to do the vegan/Keto argument but I know one person who is Keto and vegan …

of course fruit is a bigger part hence I did say low carb not Keto …

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

The best weight loss plan is one which you can maintain to success.

(ianrobo) #5

and more importantly not be hungry during it because this how people fail

(Larry Lustig) #6

Brooklyn hasn’t had a mayor since 1898; Eric Adams is the borough president. His diet is fruit and vegetable based and involves exercise, so it’s kind of anti-keto.

Still, it’s great to see “reverse diabetes” and “diet” in the same sentence. And great for him to get himself healthy.