Brooke Hughes


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Brooke, talks about how a psychedelic treatment and KetoAF turned her life around.

Brooke is 26 and an artist, health and psychedelic enthusiast that has found her way to nutrition through her drug addiction and eating disorder recovery. Her passion for nutrition was spurred through finding a ketogenic carnivorous way of eating that brought her freedom from her bulimia and addiction. 

Through an Ibogaine treatment two years ago, Brooke gained a new lease on life and began to heal her body through nutrition. With much experimentation she has found a KetoAF approach to be the most freeing and powerful way of eating. She is now pursuing a career in nutrition because it has helped her so much in her own life, and she is currently in school. 

Her dream is to one day be a counselor/coach/nutritionist to those struggling with Eating Disorders. Through yoga, meditation, art and nutritious eating she is able to maintain the balance and beauty in her life each and every day.


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