Brexit prepping


Living in the UK with Brexit looming and the possibility of supply chain disruption I’m interested in creating a small stock of food, should we have any difficulties getting food from the supermarkets.

As we’re keto the vast majority of what we eat is usually fresh meat, dairy and veg. We don’t have a lot of freezer space, so whilst we will freeze as much fresh food as possible does anyone have any recommendations for tinned/jarred/dry meat/veg that is low carb, available in the UK and palatable?

(bulkbiker) #2

Corned beef is pretty good 0.5g of carbs per 100g.
Tinned fish, crab etc
I tend to eat only local sourced produce anyway from my butcher so you could consider going carnivore for the duration of any supply chain problems although I seriously doubt there will be any extended ones. It’s in absolutely nobodies interest.

(Cynthia Anderson) #3

Green beans

(Alex ) #4

Aldi sell lots of tinned fish, I’d also recommend the jars of bockwurst sausages - which are calorific, but extremely low carb, cheap, and tasty… (think hot dog sausages)

(ianrobo) #5

surely no need ? all the meat I eat is locally produced, ditto cheese, ditto diary, ditto eggs etc ?

Actually us ketoians are in fine healthy position for Brexit (that is the ONLY good thing of it !!)


I’ve been wondering about this. I have been vaguely buying more tuna and some corned beef. Veggies are trickier, and our freezer is tiny.

Really hoping I will laugh at myself for panicking at some point in future!

(Alex ) #7

I think the vast majority of what is being reported is either conjecture or complete scaremongering, yes, there might be some incidental shortages, but I’m sure we will be fine.

(Chris) #8

Pemmican is the best survival food.


The problem is we only produce 49% of what is consumed in the UK, so if we can’t import food at the same rate everyone else is going to be after the same local produce.


I’m hoping the same. Most of what I’ve ended up buying we will use eventually even if we don’t need it post Brexit. Tinned veg can go to food bank.


I’ve read around it quite a lot and I believe if there is a hard Brexit there will be supply chain issues. Do you remember the petrol strikes? Such a short term issue and that caused shortages. Although totally hope I’m wrong.


I’d never heard of this. Thanks!


If anyone is interested this is where I’m up to:

Filled freezer with portioned out various meat and fish, blocks of cheese and butter, deli meats

Tins of hotdogs, bacon grill, chicken, ham etc…
Tins of tuna, salmon, sardines
Meat spreads in jars
Jars peppers, pickles, aubergine
Tins green beans, broad beans, tomatoes
Lots of cream cheese in the fridge (keeps a few months)
UHT double cream
Powdered eggs
Ground almonds/various sweeteners
Tea/coffee/cocoa powder
Herbs, spices and various condiments

(Alex ) #14

I do remember the petrol strikes yeah, I was working for Sainsburys at the time in their Head Office and was part of the emergency team that organised what went where in terms of tankers - you’re right that was a crazy time - but it passed eventually.

I think the more people worry about it, the worse the problem is likely to be, it only takes a few rogue reports on the BBC, people then catch on to it, and before you know it, the world is going mad.

See what happens, my gut feeling is still that it’s a storm in a tea cup…