Breathe tester

(Dan Donna Bowen) #1

Has anyone used the gadget that you blow into once and it tells you if your in Ketosis? I would like to know if it really works before I buy one!

(SleepyMotherOf3 🇬🇧) #2


I second the AT6000 and also the noisy beeping to let everyone know you are in Ketosis! :joy:

(Karen) #4

I bought the Ketonix - it’s very difficult to use. And evidently not accurate readings for everyone. I had readings in the 6.0 range which I didn’t think really could be accurate. I finally bought a keto meter (blood) and am getting consistent readings in the 2.0-4.0 range. It’s much easier to use.

(Dena ) #5

keto mojo your best bet… don’t waste your money on a breathalyzer