Breaking Extended Fast

(Ruth Beardsley) #1

Hello all,
I am on Day 12 of an open ended water fast. I may go to 14 days or beyond, seeking to heal excess dental plaque and gum inflammation/bleeding.
My previous longest fast is 14 days, five years ago!
Any advice on ways to break an extended water fast using keto/Carnivore?

Ps: I have spent 14 months eating sourdough and drinking wine, and found myself 10 kg heavier and a lot less healthy. This fast has been brilliant so far. I want a rest and reset to get back to no alcohol and no bread.

(bulkbiker) #2

My one piece of advice would be slowly…and with something light?
Omelette maybe?
I once ended a 7 day fast with a large keto lunch and suffered some quite severe gastric upset and significant bloating.

(Ruth Beardsley) #3

Update: I am coming to the close of Day 14.
Overnight, my gums and upper jaw were throbbing and tingling. Now my tongue is slowly clearing and holy smoke my teeth are whiter than they have been in decades. My dizziness has subsided and I feel I can carry on the fast until hunger returns. Gums are throbbing now and the sensation comes in waves.
I have dropped almost 7 kg and almost back to pre Covid weight.

I have made chicken broth for breaking my fast. I plan to blend cauliflower in to make a soup for the second/third day of breaking my fast.

(Ruth Beardsley) #4

Update: I have now completed Day 15 of my fast. The throbbing in my gums/jaw still comes in waves. Hunger is 2/10. Fasting like this is truly a mental game. I have taken water and herbal tea these last few days. I gave the coffee away on Day 13 ( I weaned myself off it).
I am quite dizzy if I stand up too quickly and spend ALOT of time resting, reading, browsing the web and trying on clothes. We are hobby farmers so I have tended to tasks like gathering eggs, looking after baby chicks, watering the garden etc.
I read Shelton’s Hygienic Fasting and am not taking salt or potassium. I await the hunger signal.
My bleeding gums have pretty much stopped.
I am female, 62 yo, 5’-7” and weigh 62 kg. I have dropped 7 kg on this fast so far.
I was about 59 kg pre Covid but I gained weight due to wine and sourdough, both of which I have quit now. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
I have no idea when the hunger will visit.
Time will tell.