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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Brandy, talks about how she ditched her obesity label, along with PCOS, high blood pressure, clinical depression and anxiety.

Brandy lives on Bainbridge Island in the state of Washington. She is part of a blended family and she and her husband have raised five children, ranging in age from 15 to 26.

Brandy has been overweight since childhood and since she was a very young adult, has weighed more than 300 pounds at any given time. At the age of 43, Brandy was severely insulin resistant, weighed 325 pounds, was medicated for clinical depression, anxiety and high blood pressure, had PCOS and had started developing painful blood clots in her legs.

Now, not quite two years later, Brandy’s life is completely different, thanks to the adoption of the Ketogenic dietary model. She has lost 96 pounds so far, has no blood clots and no symptoms of PCOS. Her blood pressure has normalized all on it’s own. And perhaps most importantly for her, the way of eating has resolved her depression and controlled her anxiety better than any medication she was ever prescribed. She’s Keto for life.


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(Brandy) #2

Hey everybody, look at this! And then go take a listen! @Daisy, thanks so much for expressing an interest in my story and for being such a skillful podcaster. Also you’ve got such a darn nice voice! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

('Jackie P') #3

Wow! I have tagged this to listen to later. You look fabulous :hugs::heart_eyes:

(Brandy) #4

General announcement regarding this interview: during the interview I continually reference March of 2017 as my Keto start date, when actually, my start date was March of 2018. Apologies for the confusion. Units of measurement, time or otherwise are a chronic challenge to me.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #5

I commented on my accountability thread but thought I’d mention it here too… When Daisy and Brandy were talking about people’s negative reactions. This is sadly true, but reminded me of a nice story. This is how I wish everyone would react…

A friend moved out of town before I lost weight, then came back for a visit when I was getting close to my goal. She was happy and asked all the usual questions about how I did it and such. After a couple hours she looked at me curiously and said, “I don’t know why, but I prefered how you were before.” I replied that she was used to how I used to look, and, since she was away when I lost weight, I didn’t quite look like her friend anymore. She nodded, relieved to understand what she was feeling. And it was done.

It was a perfect example of identifying an uncomfortable feeling and dealing with it, with no blame or negativity on either side. I love her even more now.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #6

Awesome, Brandy!


That is a nice story indeed :smiley:

('Jackie P') #8

I really enjoyed listening to this Brandy, you told your story so eloquently, I so wish you well on the rest of your journey🙂

(Candice) #9

Excellent podcast!!

(back and doublin' down) #10

Brandy, this was one of the best podcast listens I’ve had in a long while! Thank you for your vulnerability, for the authenticity that came through with both of you! I heard some great things that I’ll be borrowing, including the discussion on the narratives that live in us, and how to go about changing those.

It’s weird, I’ve tended to avoid anything for “just women” but now that you drew me to this particular podcast, I’m going to do some archive listening. @Daisy Now I’m subscribed!

(Susan) #11

I listened to this last night, it was really great, Brandy =). I enjoyed the interaction between the two of you, it was a delight to listen to it. I agree with you about Daisy’s voice (it is lovely!).


Aw shucks :blush:

Awesome :+1: