Brain Fog

(Tj Slattery) #1

I’m 8 days in and steadily progressing. Other than some small foot cramps on day 2, I have not experienced and of the headaches or other less desirable symptoms of Keto Flu. However, day 7 and day 8 (today) I seem to be a bit foggy, sluggish and less focused.

For those of you that have experienced the brain fog piece, on average how long does that last.


I didn’t get serious about being ketogenic to the point of testing blood ketones for positive confirmation of ketosis, so I can’t comment on my initial adaptation and the elimination of brain fog, but I can address the time periods when I’ve gotten out of ketosis and back in, which takes a solid 24 to 36 hours for the fog to clear up.

I’d say that if you’re 8 days in and only now experiencing brain fog, it might be coming from something else such as stress in any form such as lack of sleep, etc. and abnormal cortisol levels. That’s as long as you’ve been keeping your carbohydrates below 20 grams - if not you might still be adapting. You could also be getting sick or just not sufficiently hydrated.


Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. You might also need to up your salt and I would think about taking some magnesium too (citrate or glycinate best IMO).

(Kerri Hines) #4

Get some sodium and it may last but a few minutes. :blush:

(Michelle) #5

Hi - I’m 8 days in too!! I haven’t had any symptoms of flu or brain fog yet, so no help here. But just connecting since we started the journey together.

(Mark) #6

What helped me with that was coconut butter, would take a couple spoonfuls of that and it seemed to help,haven’t used it in a few months,but did buy some yesterday and some MCT oil thought I would use it to end or extend a fast instead of just going straight back to sold food,I have read about people using it to help people with Alzheimer’s, I guess it has to do with the inflammation in the brain,I tried the bulletproof coffee but can only drink my coffee black,that coconut butter tastes pretty good by itself but I’m sure you could add it to many things,I know alot of people like that bulletproof coffee, I have coconut oil but I don’t use it very often,I feel the ketones have given me a sharper mental focus and no more naps


YES! I have just got some XCT and brain octane to try and give my brain a boost! I’ll let you know if there is any improvement!

(Zach) #8

If the fog is still from carb withdrawal, make sure to supplement salt and potassium, maybe even magnesium. One way I like to boost my sodium and potassium is sprinkling no-salt or lite-salt on my breakfast avocado.


It’s probably salt. Go drink some salty broth or bouillon and you’ll feel better right quick.