Booze from Long Ago


“The findings suggest that beer drinking was an essential element in prehistoric funerary rituals in southern China, contributing to the emergence of complex farming societies four millennia later,” write the researchers in their published paper.

So what was probably ‘used’ as a tool for a specific funeral or other ritual is NOT what booze now is in today, right?

I find this interesting in that what is NOW will never be ‘then’ ever…I don’t know, just thinking about it all in a timeline from life to what I feel is now ‘crazy times’ in a way??

just chatting for the sake of it cause I do find this stuff a draw to chat out

(Laurie) #2

Back in Anthropology 101 I learned that every culture uses some kind of drug (including alcohol) in its rituals. I suspect that “every” is an exaggeration, but I suppose it is common.

For my wedding, the officiant suggested that my husband and I drink wine from the same cup to symbolize our togetherness. I said heck no, I don’t drink alcohol and I sure am not going to drink it in public at my own wedding. She called me a Calvinist.


well you know I had to go look that up :thinking:

So your not partaking in the wine cup during service meant ‘you were less than or judged as different or off’ to some other level of religion??

I find that very interesting if I got that interpretation right –

What interests me is when it went from ritual to addiction or more of a ‘issue and problem’ that is known to effect mankind thru the years vs. a ritual use like your wedding ceremony-----I don’t know LOL just find it fascinating in a way just thru the time line of it all.

Like we know agriculture flipped life on the planet.
we know this and that but when did ‘alcohol and other substance’ flip into ‘daily use as recreation’ vs that ‘sacred ceremony use’ as what happened in your ceremony

just thinking on it :slight_smile:

(Old Baconian) #4

A minister, of all people, ought to be aware that there are a lot of recovering alcoholics out there, who don’t need to be pressured to do themselves harm. In any case, it’s none of her business why you didn’t want to drink, no matter the reason, and that kind of name-calling is completely uncalled-for.

(Joanne) #5

Haha, from the thread title, I thought you were going to ask if an old bottle of booze you found in the back of the closet was still good to drink. :woman_shrugging: