Body By Science, Fasting and BFR Training Results (with pics!)

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Congrats on the HbA1c! :+1:

I’m a fan of Drew Baye too. He’s been in the HIRT game a long time. I bought his HIT book and it builds nicely on McGuff’s BBS book. He’s not nearly as well known though. How did you come across him?

Does Project Kratos use any of his timed static contraction techniques? How has it been going so far?

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I’m a bit of an information junkie, with a science and tech background, so I read a lot, listen to podcasts, consume YouTube, and follow related links. Finding Drew Baye probably followed a path of hearing Doug McGuff on a podcast > reading and viewing more on him > found YouTube video of Baye and McGuff > learned more about Baye… Since I work out at home, Project Kratos seemed like a good fit. It does include timed static contractions, particularly for neck, forearms, plantar dorsiflexion, and grip. It’s been going well, though some exercises, like squats, are a bit tougher to reach MMF with bodyweight alone. Playing around with either adding weights or pre-exhausting secondary muscles with TSC.

Overall, I like it a lot, though it feels odd to not be exercising more frequently and longer…

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Full body, bodyweight routine this morning:

  • Pull-up
  • Dip
  • Sisy squat
  • Underhand row
  • Incline Pushup
  • Hip Raise
  • TSC Torso rotation
  • TSC Shrug
  • TSC wrist extension
  • TSC wrist flexion
  • TSC Pinch grip

It’s only my second time doing this variation, so difficult to mark progress, but am definitely feeling it…


Just found this thread and am planning on reading from the beginning through the end. It will probably take me a while!

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I had to google this. They should really rename that exercise. My patellas hurt just looking at the pictures…:flushed:

I’ve toyed with the idea of buying his timed static contraction book. The idea is intriguing. One of his suggestions in his HIT book is to add in a static contraction to the final rep in a machine exercise at the point of failure. Basically as soon as the rep fails and the weight stops moving, you just try to hold it there pushing against it with 100%, eye-bulging, gut churning effort until it starts falling back towards you. He doesn’t recommend doing this every time, but it sure does make a difference when you do it!

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Yikes! That’s a lot of reading. I can give you a 50 word “dust cover” summary to save you some time: A ragtag group of international meat eaters figure out which end of a barbell goes up, muddle through, and somehow still manage to get way stronger and healthier anyway… :yum:

As you can probably guess from the thread title, we’re fans of Dr. McGuff’s Body by Science workout and BFR training. Body by Science is a great book, and it’s definitely worth a read. BFR training (blood flow restriction), sounds bonkers but it’s actually a very safe physical therapy technique supported by hundreds of journal articles over the past few decades. Some of us do it because it allows us to get a low impact workout between Body By Science sessions. Most of the thread is just us exchanging tips about what’s been working well, things that haven’t, technique pointers, and generally stuff related to getting stronger and healthier.

At any rate, welcome to the thread!


I had to google a bunch of exercises, a sisy squat is definitely not for sissies! Can you elaborate a little more on TSC?

I had a BFR weekend, arms yesterday and legs today.
The backs of my thighs have been sore for a few days and I could definitely feel them today. I’ll see how my legs will feel after today’s leg day.
I can feel my triceps from yesterday’s workout, but nothing painful or uncomfortable. I do have to say I am getting a little stronger, I could hold a 45-sec plank without shaking (I know planks aren’t the best exercise, but I wanted to do a little pilates yesterday). I’ll swing by Decathlon today and see how I could upgrade my weights. And I need to buy new leg bands…

Edit: I watched a very interesting JRE podcast with Garrett Reisman, an astronaut, and he said that they prevent bone and LM mass loss by exercising with heavy weights and few reps. They used to exercise with low weights and numerous reps, but they still ended up losing about 1% of bone mass per month. A few years ago they switched to heavy weights and they are seeing much better results.

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Failure training in space maybe?

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I found that it doesn’t hurt the patellas, but definitely places more emphasis on quads than a normal squat, which is the variation on the alternate routine I do.

I don’t think he recommends much inroading anymore. Once you’ve reached momentary muscular failure, there’s not much to be gained. It can be a good technique to learn what MMF really is…

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TSC is basically a single repetition isometric trying to push or pull against something immovable or at the end of a range of motion. It’s 90 seconds long - 30 seconds of steadily increasing effort, 30 seconds of almost maximum effort, 30 seconds as hard as you dare.

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Interesting. My copy of his HIT book is definitely a few years old at this point, so maybe thats changed.

I’ve always thought it was helpful to get through “sticking points” in a rep range where failure happens at the same spot every workout.

Most machines don’t even bother to smooth out the strength curve through the full range of motion like Nautilus used to via cams. As a result, the weight will be 10%,20%,30% too light at various points through most of the range of motion, but just a tiny bit too heavy at one tiny anatomically disadvantaged point. Inroading at that “sticking point” always seemed to help with progress.

That said, it could be that inroading at the sticking point wasn’t doing any good. Progress in TUT the next workout might have happened regardless. I’d be pretty happy if that were true, because it hurts like hell and I’d prefer not to do it. :yum:

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I love The Joe Rogan experience! It’s just a matter of time before they kick him off YouTube. :yum:

That’s really interesting. I guess there’s no substitute for heavy weights. Doing BBS definitely has that base covered.

Dr. McGuff has some interesting stuff about reversing osteoporosis with resistance training in some of his lectures. I think he covers in his “area under the curve” lecture on YouTube. It’s amazing how bones respond to heavy loads by growing and strengthening, even for the elderly!

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I inroad most exercises most weeks. My program is working for me and at this point I’m not going to mess with taking inroading out.

I’m loving the wealth of information in this thread. Do we need to ask the admins to add resistance training as a proper category to the forum? Maybe “exercise resistance” to follow the current model.


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It looks like there’s already a “weight-lifting” category. Did you want to re-categorize and move the thread? It’s morphed a bit over the last few months. It started as a progress thread, morphed into an accountability thread, and is currently a BBS/BFR/TSC discussion thread… :yum:

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It looks like there’s already a “weight-lifting” category, which this thread would pretty naturally fall into. It’d be easy enough to re-titile, re-categorize and move the thread there. I have enough mod superpowers to do that much.

This thread has morphed a lot over the last few months. It started as a progress thread, morphed into an accountability thread, and is currently a BBS/BFR/TSC thread… :yum:


Interesting, I’ll look into it, curiosity.
And very interesting about inroading, I wish I had a twin for testing purposes… :wink:

I like him, as well, especially when he lets interesting guest talk and talk, like in this episode with Garrett… Joe’s had some amazing guests, I love it when a guest I wouldn’t be interested in fascinates/surprises me. :slight_smile: I hope that he’s too big for Youtube’s censors… :wink:

It made me think of Bunny’s theory about gluteus muscles and how important they are. Well, the importance of legs on bone and muscle mass… Garrett said that the workouts are mostly legs, they exercise about an hour each day. Everything they do daily involves arms and they are “abused”- propelling themselves around the station, tasks they need to perform, etc, but legs are the key factor to bone+muscle mass loss. The arm movements haven’t changed in years, but the way they exercise legs changed and that caused less bone+muscle mass loss. He said that as soon as our bodies sense the skeleton doesn’t need to be supported anymore, atrophy begins.

I love this thread, as well, you guys have opened my eyes to a whole new world. :slight_smile: To BBS and BFR, may we live long and strong and osteoporosis free. :slight_smile:

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Anybody else ever experience a “muscle whoosh”? I’m guessing we’ve all experienced the classic fat loss “whoosh”, where the scale doesn’t budge for a couple weeks and then suddenly drops 5lbs overnight and weight stays off for good. I think I’m experiencing a really weird “muscle whoosh” all of the sudden.

Somehow my row is going up like crazy after weeks of stagnation. I’ve upped the weight 20% over the past 2 workouts with no drop in TUT. I have no idea why, but I’ll take it! Anybody else ever had something like that happen?


I think Im having more of a “muscle bloom,” my muscles feel much firmer. Speaking of firmer muscles - my biceps and triceps are sore to the touch/squeeze.:joy:


I think that I found a gym I would like to go to. The owner is our first keto dietician and I hope that the trainers will understand my WoE. :slight_smile: I can’t stand the guy, something about him rubs me the wrong way, but he is good at what he does. I will go to the gym sometime next week and ask around for a trainer, etc.

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@Don_Q Why don’t you ask the admins to move this to exercise/weight lifting since you created the thread.

Happy Monday all.