Blue light lowers blood pressure

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Blue light exposure decreases systolic blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and improves endothelial function in humans

Abstract here:

How can I get the full article? I want to find out what frequency or bulb type was used.


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Email the authors. A lot of the time they’ll send you a copy free so you won’t need a journal membership.

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Just go to sci-hub.

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I skimmed through part of it.

The kinds of dosing they were using amounted to a minimum of about a half hour in the sun in Europe in the winter… if I read that right.

Was just listening to an interview with one of the keto docs last evening where he suggested that maybe there are things happening in sunlight that we don’t know about, beyond Vit D, and maybe just getting real sunlight was more ideal than trying to take a pill (or douse with a lamp of some specific frequency).

FWIW, some of the blue light spectrum can be hard on your eyes. There are some who have difficulty with digital eye fatigue from the hours and hours of screen time many have to put in. If not a computer, it’s a TV, tablet or phone.

So maybe mom had it more right than we give her credit for when she said, “Just go outside and play!”