Blowtorch for kitchen use

(Brandy) #21

I’ve got a little butane one, a larger propane torch AND the weed torch from Harbor Freight. What can I say? I like shooting fire from my arm.

(Karim Wassef) #22

I do too. I worked my way up the fire chain … mostly because I was dissatisfied … until I found the flame thrower… such sweet sensual seering delight… the way the fat instantly sizzles and the meat browns …

(DougH) #23

Benzomatic plumbing torch with the yellow map gas cylinders. Runs hot as hell, works great.


Plumber’s torch. On propane, not butane.
I agree, though, that cast iron works better if the piece you’re searing has a lot of flatness to it. Pieces of chicken (a leg, for ex) are easier to brown with the torch.

I also agree about shooting fire from my arm! I love using it.