Blood sugar increase: cookie vs exercise


OK, fun with my CGM. yesterday on the airplane i succumbed to eating a delicious, large warm, chocolate filled cookie. Stuck in my seat I had plenty of time to track my blood glucose which started about 90.

as you can see, my blood sugar SCREAMED on up to 153 and may have gone a little higher, an increase of 60+. Of course it dove back on down and was back to normal within 2 hours of eating this sugar bomb. Seems like an awfully big response.

Every morning I get up and my blood sugar goes up to say 100 and stays there a while but is back to 90 or lower by lunch time.

But today I spent 80 minutes on the treadmill at 3.7 mph.

Images are the same scale. here the blood sugar went up to 115 +/- and takes its time coming back down. This is pretty much reproducible.

Your thoughts – I am just coming BACK to keto from my normal state which was perenially prediabetic. that cleans up quickly enough after a few months of keto…

I am not quite sure how to interpret these and I’d love advice from any experts out there

(Joey) #2

I’m no expert, but having just returned from a flight myself, I didn’t hear any offers from the crew for any delicious, large, warm chocolate filled cookies.

Apparently you fly more elevated than your glucose heights would suggest.

Good to know you’re safely back on the ground!


I fly first class courtesy of decades of international flying a total of more than 4 million miles… :grinning:

(Joey) #4

Ah, yes. I was once “Sky Gold Mileage Club” given my decades of business travel. But post-retirement, I’ve since been downgraded to Silver, then Bronze, Copper, then Aluminum foil, Plastic Wrap, and now fly Pond Scum back in the Discomfort Plus row.

My wife and I snacked on boiled eggs, beef sticks, and a complimentary pack of poorly salted almonds. Actually, 'twas pretty good.


Given that it was a (large) cookie loaded with sugar and flour, I’d hardly worry about a 60 point rise, that’s supposed to happen, you were back to baseline in 2hrs, that’s good. I wouldn’t even call that a spike, that’s consistent with what you ate.

(Robin) #6

I love the title Eat big gooey cookie.
Made my day,
Plus it’s a really effective illustration of what happens when we eat the big gooey cookie