Bloating first meal of the day

(Debbie T) #1

Hi there! I’ve been keto now for two months. I’m struggling a bit with what I think is strange, but maybe not? I don’t tend to go very long between my dinner or first meal of the following day – always close to within about 12 hours. About ten days ago, I was not feeling very hungry in the morning, so skipped breakfast and ended up eating a brunch (quite high fat) about 18 hours or so from my previous night’s meal. Horribly bloated! Painful bloating that came on about 90 minutes after eating. So uncomfortable that it interfered with my sleep that night until about twelve hours had passed from that meal. I chalked it up to a “who-knows?” or maybe a bad reaction to something. But today, I got interrupted with an urgent errand before I could eat my usual breakfast of a bit of bacon and two eggs. It ended up being about 14 1/2 hrs from my previous night’s meal (rather than my usual 12 hrs) Not as bad, but I’ve noticed again some definite uncomfortable bloating about ninety minutes later. Does anyone have any theories or suggestions? Thanks!

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By “bloating” do you mean gas or swelling from water-retention?

The latter might be related to whether or not you are getting enough salt and staying hydrated; the former would probably be related to something you ate, in which case if you’d like to tell us what you ate during the meals that caused the problem, someone might be able to pinpoint the problem.

(Omar) #3

Many possibilities

low salt
low stomach acid
low magnesium/potassium
low vitamin B

When I eat very high fat food, I take pickles so it will trigger the bile

I hope you do better next meal.

(Debbie T) #4

Interesting tip about the pickle juice. I will try that thank you. I am taking lots of extra salt (incl. lots of himalayan on tongue once in a while), lots of mangnesium and potassium as well and trying to keep up hydration.In both instances, actually, I had salted lemon water a few hours before that first meal, as well. Not sure about b levels. I take a b-50 every second day – I have had this weird thing for many years that if I take very much b-complex (though b12 on own doesn’t seem to bother me) I get anxiety and insomnia. Really bugs me, so hoping keto helps with that.

(Debbie T) #5

I mean very uncomfortable basketball feeling pushing up into my ribcage. No noticeable gas, just very uncomfortable. Bit of a pressure type headache with it. Today’s first meal was one and a half slices thick cut bacon and two fried eggs (my usual breakfast since going keto).
The last time this happened, ten days ago, because it was closer to 1pm, I had my same lunch as previous day: Almond flour cheese flatbread (small piece) with slice of rosemary deli ham and some cheese and a bit of onion; broccoli salad (75 grams), 50 grams romaine with a bit of bacon bits. I also added one egg because I had skipped my breakfast. I do recall seeing an article somewhere that some menopausal women struggle with intermittent fasting and bloating because of hormones, but I don’t know if this would be it?

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Oh, and forgot to mention that, like last time I was bloated, I can hear lots of gurgling in my stomach.

(Robin) #7

Do you use the powder form of magnesium citrate? Are your bowels moving normally?


If I do that I’ll bloat like I’m a couple of months pregnant, and I’m a dude. Even when the potassium is up. You said that meal was really high fat, keep in mind there’s no reason to intentionally eat massive amounts of fat, and blindly taking in tons of salt isn’t required. When your electrolyes are out of whack it helps, but many of us don’t react well to it. I can get away with it around my workouts, but that’s about it. Other than that I’ll reatain water like it’s my job and it takes diuretics to fix it.

(Ronnie) #9

I take double dose turmeric tablets and milk thistle tablets each evening.
I do this because I also drink alcohol- but it would counter inflammation, if studies are to be believed, whether you drink alcohol or not. It MIGHT be beneficial, but even I who takes it am not sure. Probably more of a placebo for me.
Perhaps time is all is required, whilst your body adjusts?
It took a good while for mine to adjust…

All the best, hope you get regulated soon.

(Omar) #10


Never seen or heard anything like that except in me.

Synthetic B-complex triggers depression sessions in my case.

I switched to nutritional yeast. No issue at all.

(Ronnie) #11

Low B vitamins sometimes happens with those that drink significant portions of alcohol.

I’m not for one moment suggesting OP drinks any alcohol at all, but for me, who does drink alcohol…a vitamin B12 supplement (sub lingual admin) daily, counters the uptake difficulties if having a scoop or deficiencies .

(Debbie T) #12

Thank you for the feedback, I was wondering if the salt is at least partly the culprit! Learning … D

(Debbie T) #13

I only drink one or two drinks, maybe a few times per month or not at all – so shouldn’t be a problem for me, fingers crossed! Thanks! - D

(Debbie T) #14

Good catch, yes maybe it’s synthetic that is a problem for me, thanks!

(Debbie T) #15

Thanks, I will keep that in mind if I continue to have troubles … D

(Debbie T) #16

Yes, I use powder form as well as capsules of another form. (Definitely regular and was still having muscle cramping so had to up my intake with another good form of magnesium so that I could get the dose up without become “over-regular!”) -D

(Omar) #17

In addition to what you mentioned, lots of causes that lead to vitamin B depletion.

For example chronic viral infection, being diabetics, stress and depression.

I used to face more issues taking vitamin B than when I skip it untill I heard Dr Berg talking about natural vitamin B vs synthetic.

(Allie) #18

What exactly are you eating to get that reaction?


what ya eat.

proof on life in our guts is our food intake :slight_smile:

it is ALL about the ingestion for you personally so…so I second Allie, what ya eat :sunny:

(Kirk Wolak) #20

Warning. Once you are closer to being in balance. Magnesium will RIP YOUR GUTS OUT!
We use Mag07, and my wife makes the mistake of taking too many capsules some times. I hear her across the house!

If you ever took too much Milk of Magnesia for constipation, that’s the feeling, although it can be even more intense. Gurgling… I can hear My wife’s stomach coming on…