Blaze Pizza in Kentucky


My husband is at the airport (CVG) and went to Blaze Pizza to get himself a salad, but found out they have keto crust. He was absolutely delighted. He said they claim 6g net carbs for the whole pizza. He really enjoyed it.

While he was on his trip, the company served subs one day. At the end of the food line, along with the condiments, they offered enormous leaves of lettuce, almost certainly intended to be used as wraps. It’s nice to see stuff like that.

(Susan) #2

That is really fantastic! Both look delicious as well =).


I was gonna get one of those when I found out about it then got lazy, seeing one now I want one again. Got a Blaze right down the street, I’ll have to try it this weekend.


I just tried the blaze keto in Louisville. It was decent. Good fix when you crave pizza. A 11 inch pizza was 24 carbs total and 12 net. 800 calories. I got the white sauce, chicken and olive oil.