Bipolar 2 boyfriend agreed to try keto!

(jilliangordona) #1

My boyfriend has been dealing with bipolar 2 issues for YEARS now. I’ve been eating keto for a while, and I just about always cook dinner so he’s gotten a taste of it. He never was fully on board because he felt like he needed carbs at the gym (he’s a power lifter). After talking to him about it for a while, he agreed to to full keto to try to relieve his symptoms. Yay!


Awesome! I hope he finds some relief with keto. :+1:

(jilliebean1973) #3

That is fantastic! I hope it works well for him!

(Michael Boggs) #4

Tell him to head over to

There are a ton of weight lifters who eat keto over there.

(glen babicci) #5

Tell him to listen to The Ketogenic athlete podcast with Brian Williamson and Danny they talk about lifting all the time!