Bioidentical hormones - help!


I’m 53 and thought I was in menopause. I was happily on bioidentical hormones (estradiol patch, progesterone pill and testosterone cream), but I began Keto and IF (16:8) about 6 weeks ago just to lose weight and get healthier.

Two things happened within the first few weeks: 1) I discovered Leptin! After years of thinking that my “hunger” was psychological, I now see that it was physiological. That was lovely.

  1. My hormones got really screwed up. First, it was breast tenderness (like when I was pregnant), followed by a full period (first one in 2 years), a lot more fatigue in general and especially when trying to workout. I went from 6 days a week of working out to 3, and even then, I haven’t been able to make it through a HIIT cardio session once. I feel like I have lead weights attached to me. It’s all I can do to make it halfway through - not at all typical for me.

I figured I was still adjusting to Keto, so I’ve stopped exercising. But then I noticed I was tired in the afternoon and evening, too.

So I’m investigating – could it be electrolytes? I’ve been taking sea salt and water through the day. Magnesium? I ordered Dr. Dean’s ReMag, ReMyte and ReAlign - just started 3 days ago. No difference. I eat salad (potassium) most days.

Then I thought - what if it’s the obvious? The bioidentical hormones? My doc is not opposed to Keto, but she has zero experience with it. And I get the sense that she’s never de-prescribed hormones.

Anybody else have experience with going off of bioidentical hormones?

(Khara) #2

Argh. I just listened and read about this and now can’t remember where and can’t find where I saved any websites. I remember Dr Uzzi Reiss was interviewed and he has a book Natural Hormone Balance. I remember talk of getting the hormones right taking time and different combinations work for different people. He liked a combination of just two as opposed to three hormones. Sorry so vague. I just can’t remember where I heard the interview/podcast. If I run into it, I’ll update here, but the book above was recommended and might give you a start. I saved the book for myself for future reference. I’ve not read it at all but liked the name “natural” and hope that it deals with diet more than drugs.

Also, maybe try Dr Bosworth. I’ve heard her talk about hormones in the past.

And, many people refer to the keto diet as a hormone balancing or hormone correcting diet, so it sounds like what you are experiencing is unfortunately a likely thing to happen and an adjustment period is necessary. Best wishes as you work to figure it out and hope you find what works for you soon. Let us know your progress.

(Jody) #3

I wasn’t taking bioidentical hormones, I was on a low dose birth control to help manage perimenopause symptoms. I started fasting 18:6 last fall, and then alternate day fasting in Jan. I also moved into a LCHF diet in January. I stopped taking my hormones at beginning of April and ALL the symptoms came back pretty immediately and fasting got harder. I am going to push through this and see where I’m at in a few months. Everything I’ve ready says our hormones are going through some serious changes doing LCHF and fasting.

I suspect, you are 6 weeks in, you are still not fully fat adapted.