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Took my bike in to get a new tire as it’s aboutn11 years old and haven’t risen ina couple years . It was a dirt bike style with road wheels . He calls me today and needs two wheel ( recommends ) 700 size ( inthink bigger than normal
Size ) and need new gear box and cable and new brake cable for back tire . Over $300. So I ask about a new bike and he says dirt bike style road tires (700) wirhnsmall treads . Then quotes mm over $1000 plus tax Canadian . I am 6’2” 260lbs. Do I really need that expensive a bike for my size if no any recommendation as I only do 5 to miles at most in one trip

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Short answer: no.

Longer answer: ‘dirt bike’ is the operative term here. They’re cool and anything that’s cool commands a premium price. If you don’t want to spend $300 to get your existing bike back on the road, your only viable alternatives are Walmart and Canadian Tire. If you’re not actually riding off-road, then any street bike will suffice. The cheaper ones will be heavy and steel frame, which is good because it will support your size and weight safely.

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Thanks I want an descent bike to ride in the winter indoors . I hate dealin with crappy tire and Walmart . Unless I know what I want and go in and leave

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Consider looking for a good quality used bike for a good price in the classifieds. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Scott) #5

I looked and most are rhe racing type. I’m looking more where I am
Not bent over

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You could also get the parts mail order from for a much lower price and repair it yourself. I always loved working on my bikes and it’s important to know how to do a repair on the road if you need to. I’m not sure what you mean by gear box in relation to bicycles unless it’s an internal hub without exposed gears on the rear wheel. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Scott) #7

I am so mechanically not inclined . That’s why I beought it in. I wish I could fix it

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You may need specialty tools, though. I used to work on my bikes, and now I’ve amassed a good set of tools. Without those, though, it can be tough to work on a bike.

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Sometimes you get those really infuriating, hard-to-fix things.

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That looks like a nice tool.

I was thinking more like this:

https://www. madegood. com/ bikes/ repair/ remove-a-bike-cassette/

To remove the rear cassette, you need a key and a whip tool. And the key might be specific to a certain manufacturer.

Sorry about the link – If I put the link in without the spaces, it says there’s no video supported. This is step 1, though:

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I ended up with a Campus II del sol. I liked the more upright style and I think it was about $400 but I really can’t remember. I then got some pannier bags that can unfold so I can ride to the the store and carry quite a bit. Then I attached a cell phone pouch that no longer fits. Lastly I mounted my stainless steel insulated beer growler for my ides to the Taproom. I used to ride at sunrise so the wind would cool me in the summer but kind of fell out of the habit. I suggest you go online and do some research to see what fit your needs and budget. Plan on spending some extra dollars to have it “tuned” by a real bike shop. A dude at the big box store probably isn’t much more mechanically inclined than you are.

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Sorry @jscott1967 but you were given several alternatives and rejected all. Short of someone giving you a new bike what exactly did you expect?

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I don’t believe you do. Have you shopped for a used bike? It’s a common exercise object that people buy-n-forget. It’s never been easier, with Craiglist, eBay, NextDoor, FB’s marketplace, etc.

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I realize my response was not a civilized reply and apologize . I usually don’t respond this way and don’t understand people who post to get a reaction and i did and again opologize. Two wrongs don’t make a right

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I looked at kijiji but therevwe lotsbof bikes but most were the racing bikes or the were smaller frame bikes. I will start researching more just wanted to know if the guy saying Over $1000 was over selling . Thanks for the inputs

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@jscott1967 I’ve been a cyclist probably longer than you’ve been alive. I have a fair amount of experience dealing with salespeople and mechs at bike shops. No one particularly wants to spend mech time on a 10 year-old clunker unless it’s a high end bike. They’d much rather sell you a new bike. So maybe they high-balled the repair quote to try to get you to go for the new bike. $1000 is not out of line for a new bike, given that specialty shops deal in expensive bikes not cheap bikes. If you don’t or want not to shop at stores with lower priced lower quality bikes, and you don’t or can’t repair your own bike and won’t or can’t spend the $300 to have the shop do it for you, then your only viable option is to buy a used bike that requires no work to ride and hope for the best. They’re out there, but you will have to spend time to find one. I’m out.

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What is that?

I wasn’t there, so I don’t want to say. One can spend up to several thousands of dollars on a bike made with parts that are well worth it. It’s lost on me, but if you’re riding 15k miles a year, it matters. For five miles a ride, I’d say $1,000 IS exorbitant, unless you’re in a resource-constrained market.

Do avoid the crap bikes at Target, Walmart, etc. The box they ship in is better stuff.

When I was 280+ pounds, I bought used bikes since I would frequently bend the frame due to my weight and aggressive riding style. Then again, the NYC bike market had a lot of used bikes. That will affect selection and price.

Here’s an online Trek bike, new, for $350:

A good bike shop will give you a proper fit as well, though if you’re going on light and short rides, it’s not critical.

(Scott) #20

It’s a site in Canada that people sell stuff spy’s for rent etc

(Scott) #21

One of my employees just went on nextdoor and spoted a Trek bike for $300. He ask what he was with the bike if he can’t sell it. The guy said probably donate it. My employee asked if he would take $50…sold!