"Big" roasts in the sous vide

(Bob M) #1

So, I’ve been buying “big” roasts like top round, eye of round, rump roasts, etc., and sous viding them. I will take them frozen or raw and put them in the sous vide for about 10-12 hours at 13X F, usually around 132 or so. I then take them out and plunge them into ice water, then put in the fridge after a while.

You will see longer cooking times for these for sous vide, but I find they turn to mush after a while. I don’t like that.

Serving options. Cut across the grain into slices, fry in pan, eat. Cut across the grain into slices, keep cold, eat as sandwich (with cheese/mustard/whatever, if you like those). Cut across the grain, into slices, then strips, then chunks. Add something or nothing. Keep cold. I’ve done this with added olives, home-made blue cheese dressing (no seed oils), oil/vinegar, salsa, fauxtatoes, etc.

I used to buy whatever was on sale. Now, where I live, meat is scarce. Some stores don’t have any. So, I buy what I can.

They are so easy. The last one I made, my wife took and cooked for us for dinner. It was great. I had put it in the fridge after cooking. She cut open the bag, dumped the liquid into a glass for me (I drink it), then cut into slices, fried up in butter. Very quick, easy meal.

She also often preheats the meat in the microwave for a bit, to make it slightly hot, then sears in the pan.

This is another option for the busy home cook.

(Polly) #2

Sounds yummy. Sorry to hear you are affected by the meat shortages in your area.

(Bob M) #3

Well, it’s weird. Some places have meat and some don’t.

My wife just went to a local (large chain) grocery for a chuck roast, and they did not have one. That’s odd, considering they had other roasts. But we want to make chuck roast this weekend. Maybe they are thinking hot dogs and hamburgers?

But lately, I’ve been making a “roast” every weekend. My wife took some yesterday for her breakfast, and both kids demanded some “steak”. When you sous vide these roasts about 12 hours, then cool them and let them sit in the bag, they really do get a pleasant texture, that holds up well even if you sear in a pan.

And, they’re versatile. I usually cut them into slices, then pieces, and take that as lunch.