Bicycle Recommendations


Several recommendations:

  • The one area to splurge on is fit – a $200 bike that fits you perfectly beats a $5,000 bike that does not. If you buy from Walmart, you can pay a bike shop to fit it to you.
  • I’d avoid Craigslist unless you know exactly what you want.
  • Agreeing with those who advise losing the suspension elements – keep it simple for pavement.
  • Buy a pump, chain lube and replacement tubes – I see bikes in stuck in garages for lack of basic provisions.


If buying a bike from costco or the likes keep in mind they are assembled for display not for riding. Common things not set up right, chain derail-er alignment, brake tension and alignment, wheel tension, peddle and crank sloppy. head set sloppy, brake lever location that best fits you. General point as stated above have someone fit it for you and check out all moving parts.
I have been riding for 50 years even competitively, and think the suspension is of no value to you, and probably most people unless riding on gravel roads or creek beds. Only thing about to cheap of bikes is some are far to heavy.

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@EZB 30% back for PBM!
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You probably already bought your bike by now, but if not, I would recommend you look for a local bike co-op or non-profit bike shop in your area and see if they have any refurbished bikes in your size and style preference. Most likely they will be happy to talk bikes to you and make recommendations. Only serious bike geeks are willing to work for such little pay just to be near bikes every day. You will get a good price and help out a local NP.

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Interesting thought. I’d like a new bike as mine is not the best riding bike. What’s the best way to find one of these? Google bike co-op?


You can try this directory

Some of our local for profit shops give discounts for trade ins and then donate the trade in to our local nonprofit. So that’s another way to shop local and help out the nonprofit.

Most major cities have co-ops, nonprofit, for bike recycling centers but I imagine there are some “dry” areas out there also.