Best Wishes Everyone


Stay safe happy and well!


Nice results and it only gets better.


(Laurie) #3

Yes, it is possible to get a flatter tummy at any age. As you have shown!

(Robin) #4

So true! I try to explain it to others and they don’t get it. I have weight a lot of weight before, and I always kept the flabby tummy. This is the first time Ive actually watched it slim down. This will certainly make buying jeans easier! Looks like you got this!

(Marianne) #5

I am so happy for you! Keto is such a blessing.

(Susan) #6

Congratulations! I wish my my stomach was even as flat as your first pic --hehe.

Well done, best wishes for the rest of your Keto journey =).


Thank you Susan! I had been at it a little while before I took the “Before” picture. Before, before I was 15 pounds heavier than the first pic. The month of November has been about a 20 pound drop, because I was so new to the WOE. I suspect it is going to be more of a battle going forward.

Everything is fine, but some mornings I really think, “ Did I take off all my eye makeup?” I had dark circles before, but extra nowadays. :joy:


Thank you! It is a blessing! I feel so bad for women my age who feel like the life without sugar and bread is not worth living. We were never meant to eat any of that. :butterfly:


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :grin:


It is so heartening! I had spent months making dresses and skirts this year, that no longer fit. And I love it! Much better than any sugary whatever.

I tried Cambozola on your recommend, and omigod. It is wonderful. To the point that unless I see it on sale again, I am just going to forgo cheese. :joy: