Best sausage

(FRANK) #1

OK people, lets hear your favorite sausages - type (brats/kielbasa/hot dogs); favorite brand (Johnsonville/Hebrew National/Nathans); and what do you eat them with (sides - if someone says “knife & fork” I’m face planting and going home).

Name them even if you make your own. If they are really good maybe we could get a sausage recipe thread going.

(Robert C) #2

Brand name can change their content by area and fatty meat availability. Different older cultural types (yes/no pork/high/low fat content etc.) may inform a little bit on the actual content but - if you want to know the content of sausage - you need to look at the lowest priced cuts influencing it nearby as of a specific date (other than some very high priced - keeping-the-line reputable makers).

Specifically, labels (over brands or types) are most important.

Sausage can be stored from days to months depending on labels.

(Robert C) #3

Yes, I guess I am saying sausage is the lowest common denominator of the local area - does this not make sense?

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #4

My favorite brand is Aidells!

(Carl Keller) #5

I was raised on this stuff and now I’m careful to buy the ones without added sugar:



Farmer John Hot Louisiana Brand Smoked Sausage

I microwave them and eat them with G Hughes Sugar Free Hickory BBQ sauce and some horseradish. Or, cut into pieces and into a bowl with Rao’s Marinara, diced onions, and shredded Italian blend cheese.

(Jacqueline Porter) #7

My butcher broke my heart when he told me he made my favourite sausages with 10% rusk !
I find commercial sausages taste a little ‘processed’ and often have tough skins that I really don’t like.
Shame I used to love a good sausage.


In my area, (Seattle) Uli’s brand is available at select stores. I like their brats and other sausages since they have no additives and only the good stuff. Can also be obtained in our area thru Amazon Fresh- not sure about nationally. Most of the others I find have sugar or something I don’t want. Whole Foods makes their own brand and I have used that as well and like it.
A breakfast sausage is PCC brand Pork Breakfast Sausage, also a local thing.
Hempler’s has some decent meats need to look at ingredients though.

(Linda) #9

My favorite for breakfast is Farmer John Classic Pork links, in the box. Only place I’ve found them here is Winco.

I bought some Johnsonville pork links from Walmart and ended up throwing them away. They tasted more like sawdust than meat. They didn’t even make any grease.

Best Summer Sausage is Hebrew National. Yum.

(Full Metal Keto) #10

Because I am living on a budget, I hit the discount Grocery Outlet store. I read the labels and have a limit as to carbs I am willing to sacrifice. I mean it’s SAUSAGE!

Why accept carbs from broccoli and not a lovely sausage. Sausages represent some of the most tasty and sophisticated commoner foods there are. There are some carbs worth their cost. I don’t really care about the source of a few carbs. It not like you’re chowing down a bag of M&M’s. I try to find 0-1g carb links. I will accept 2g per link if that’s all that’s there and they’re really cheap. I’m talking about Hillshire and Johnsonville in this case. Usually $1-2.00 pack or I pass.

I don’t eat hotdogs much, I like Brats, Kielbasa and Louisiana Hot Links. Hot links are a favorite. Saag’s Hot Links in particular are great and zero carb/sugar. Brats and Kielbasa I almost always eat with homemade raw sauerkraut and mustard. I wrapped Brats in thick Bacon a while back and baked them and then crisped the bacon in a skillet afterwards. That was awesome!

I look for beef or pork sausages and avoid the ones cut with or made from turkey and chicken mostly. I like bulk hot breakfast sausage patties too.

I enjoy making bulk sausage from scratch, but I have never stuffed casing. :cowboy_hat_face: