Best place to buy bulk coconut oil?

(Rene Cipres) #1

I am looking for 1 gallon and up size of cold pressed, organic, virgin coconut oil. Where do you buy yours?

(Allie) #2


(Allan L) #3

I get mine from Amazon.


I get the half gallon size at Costco, larger containers are a pain to deal with, this size fits nicely in my cupboard and it is easy to reach the corners of the container when it gets near empty. Pure extra virgin coconut oil, cold pressed, certified organic to boot. Works for me.

(Texan ) #5
They run specials on all of there oils periodically


Costco is hard to beat.

(Ren) #7

Costco. 84oz for $13 is hard to beat.

(Ernest) #8

Costco Unrefined 84oz jar $17-$20
Refined Organic 1 gallon bucket is $14 ( great for deep frying)

(Don B.) #9

I buy Nutiva on

(Susan) #10

I would say Costco, they have a large jar that is organic, extra virgin for the best price I have seen. I live in Canada so I cannot speak for the prices in the States, but I would think they are comparable (with money difference).


Good to know. I have tubs of extra virgin and refined (where I want no hint of coconut flavor). I didn’t know the refined was suitable for deep frying. Does it stink like some other oils do when deep frying?

(Ernest) #12

No stink at all.


Perfect, thanks!