Best keto friendly tortillas



I’m craving for some burritos and tacos. I want to buy some keto friendly tortillas. Preferably from almond flour if there’s one. I’ve seen ones made from egg at costco but didn’t budge. What are your recommendations?

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Hi Ghostlyboo, Welcome to the forum. Honestly the good tasting low carb commercially made stuff is costly and may have stuff you shouldn’t eat or too many carbs per tortilla. There’s a million recipes. I’ve seen wraps made from cheese, ground seeds and all kinds of stuff.

Usually the stuff in the stores is gluten free but not KETO using tapioca starch and things like that so be careful trying products in the stores even when it says KETO in giant block letters on the package! I might give this first one a try at the next family get together. :cowboy_hat_face:


I just get a large eggplant, cut it into 1/4 inch thick rounds, bbq or bake them with a touch of olive oil for a bit and use those as wraps for all those great taco fillings. Tastes amazing as the eggplant will take on the flavor of the sauces/guac/whatever you put in there.

This also works really well if you have someone that is on Keto with you that weighs very little/isn’t active and doesn’t have the calorie room for almond flour breads that larger folks have.


As far as ones that are ACTUALLY Keto friendly, make these,

They taste awesome, have the right consistency, everything. The downside is it’s time consuming as hell to get a batch made. MOST of the time I just BUY these.

The supermarkets all have them, they’re “4g net” which I don’t believe at all, but they taste awesome and since I’m not eating them all the time the easy factor makes it worth it to us.


I use Joseph’s Lavash Bread. It’s a flatbread, similar to a tortilla.

I always cut the sheets up into bread-sized squares when I open the package, because it makes them a convenient size to use. My typical usage is cheese bread or pizza squares. These days, I can make them in about 5 minutes.

Last night, I cut four of the bread-sized squares into four triangle pieces each and used them as nacho chips. I sprayed them with just a bit of coconut oil and put some onion powder, garlic powder, hot smoked paprika, and sea salt on them. 90 seconds in the microwave and they were nice and crisp. Topped them with some shredded Mexican blend cheese and back into the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the cheese. Great with salsa and guacamole.

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Our local Walmart has some cheese wraps from Crystal Farms. They have three kinds: mozzarella, marble jack, and 1 other flavor I cannot remember. They are very low carb, only 1 gram per shell. We were craving tacos and this did the trick!!!


Easy Folios copycat recipe, a similar commercial product made with cheese. Only 15 seconds in the microwave.

A video of someone making them from shredded cheese.

I usually just make a cheesewich:


Found these sometime last year. I use them mostly for making Enchiladas, but have also used them for some burritos, quesadillas, etc.

Found them in my local grocery store along with regular tortillas.

At least for my pallet, and my families pallet (who are not keto) these taste exactly the same as regular flour tortillas. For a bit I got two packs of tortillas, these and some regular ones for everyone else, but comparing the same dish side by side showed that even knowing they were different, know one could taste the difference (granted, with enchiladas, there’s plenty else to overpower any slight difference, but I’ve used it otherwise too).

Looks a bit to me like they are similar to the Mission Carb Balance ones, and both have 4G net carbs, but these have a few less total carbs as well, for whatever it’s worth to you. These are also a bit less expensive in my local store.

The “Spinach and Herb” thing is mostly just marketing. Yes, there is some amount of that in the Tortillas, but what little is in there doesn’t really give these more nutrition than any other tortillas or anything.

Regardless, for a bit I would make stuff with these a few times a week and it worked out well.