Best keto Christmas present?

(Alix Hayden) #1

I always try to find little treats for my kids and Mr. Finnsal’s stockings. This year mine had a lovely beef sausage from our local farm, cheese, and olives. :heart_eyes:


I didn’t get one, but I saw a LOT of sous vide cooking equipment being unwrapped around here Christmas morning.

(Alix Hayden) #3

I’ve never investigated this, I don’t really know what’s involved!

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #4

Santa put a grill lighter in my stocking.
My daughter bought me a home smoked ham. Special order.

(Alix Hayden) #5

Nice! That looks fantastic. I thought I was doing pretty good with my sausage, but that, I could eat for weeks!

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #6

It’s half gone, and there are only two of us here. Lol

(Danielle) #7

I got a Hot Gas Smoker for Xmas. Might be a bit big to fit into a stocking though. :joy:

(Justin Blow) #8

I recieved a meat grinder for making my own sausage, and my buddy sent me a cooler from Omaha Steaks which was entirely unexpected and awesome.

(Alix Hayden) #9

It kind of seems like if we could get all of these presents in one room, we would FEAST.


Floyd is thinking, “Holy shit, she got me a ham AND a cardboard box? Best Christmas EVER!”.

(Roxanne) #11

A coffee mug that says “Yes, I put butter in my coffee”, a brie baker, and assorted cheese knives. And I bought us a smoker on Black Friday, told my husband it was our Christmas present, and he got me a digital remote thermometer for it. Can’t wait to try it out!


Me too! Jealous!!

(G. Andrew Duthie) #13

Salami and a monster Slim Jim in my stocking. The latter, alas, turned out to have 9g of carbs (!), but still a hell of a lot better than the chocolate that I used to get.

Got my wife an Instant Pot…we’ve not used it yet, but we’re planning a big pot of chicken bone broth very soon.

(Casey Freeman) #14

My wife bought me a huge duck liver, a 2 lb Hudson Valley Foie Gras!