Best cuts of beef for the price?

(Bunny) #41

Tongue is my favorite I like to boil it and let it slowly simmer in Red Chili Colorado all day.

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(Barbara) #42

The cheapest beef I use regularly is not grass-fed (yet)

  1. Walmart 80% lean ground beef is what I use for burgers, “tacos”, stir fry and meatloaf. I like having leftover cold meatloaf in the fridge for fast food. If you want more instructions, message me.
  2. Costco Nathan’s beef bun length franks: in a big pack and cost less than 50 cents each. I repackage as many as will fit flat in a quart size zip loc and freeze them. Then you can easily separate as many as you’d like to use. VERY fast food and high fat content for staying power.
  3. Chuck Roast- nicely fatty! I sprinkle with garlic salt & pepper, brown under the broiler 5 min/side and toss in the Instant Pot with a cup or two of beef broth, and other stuff (message me if you want more instructions). Pressure cook on high for about 70 min for a 3-5 lb roast. Falls apart and reminds you of what Mama used to make! You can freeze the leftovers with some of the liquid and keep for future meals.

Now that I’ve been keto over a year and don’t eat nearly as much or as often (usually 1 meal a day at dinner), I can afford a gorgeous rib eye steak once a week. Seriously, my food expenses have nose-dived and I love that!

I hope this helps you with beef that’s cheap & easy.


RI have to agree that going really early in the day works the best. I’ve discovered that my store puts a little managers special sticker on meats about to “expire” and that it seems that 8-830am is the sweet spot for a good variety. I got some grass fed New York strip for nearly nothing. Also, check different stores. My target store sells beef for $2-3 less per pound than my Harris Teeter. I’m a little far from an Aldi right now but they are awesome. Oh and buy family sized packs. My store sells “value paks” that have like 6 giant chicken leg quarters for $4-5 or giant packs of pork chops for $7-8. They do this with steak as well. I cook for the sake of having leftovers so I don’t freeze them right away, but you could portion them out and freeze them and get several meals that are maybe $1 a plate. Cooking in a slow cooker will turn most lesser quality of meats into yummyness, well worth the investment. I am still figuring out what the best cuts of meat out myself. I serve everything with butter now to be sure it’s fatty enough :laughing:

(Marianne) #44

I agree; probably four days out of seven I eat OMAD. Also, I track my expenses (very interesting to see where money goes), Anyway, before keto, my husband and I would eat out, get pizza, subs or other non-homemade food probably 3-4 times a week. Since Feb. 19, we have only eaten out twice, and that has been because of family functions, not us going out by ourselves. We are saving an average of $250 a month on eating out/take out. Love keto meals prepared at home - delicious!

(Wendy) #45

Yes we eat out so much less and I like the food made at home So much better than most restaurant and definitely fast food. It’s easier to justify buying the steak when I think of how much less we are spending eating out. I also get crab legs on occasion too because I love it.

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I’ve seen untrimmed Triple Tip roasts on saLE for $2.97 a lb. I know it used to be cheap like this. But after becoming super popular in the Western US, it commonly goes for $7-10 a lb now.

Best tasting beef very steak like, in fact, it can be cut into steaks. Either way, it’s my favorite meat to Sous Vide :slight_smile: