Best complement yet

(Jake P) #1

Since October 17th, I have lost 52 pounds. My two of my kids 7-5 have been interested in my efforts. For instance: I bought a small bag of candy for them to share, I gave each kid a few pieces and my 5-year-old was worried I was going to eat the rest. My seven-year-old told him that I wouldn’t eat it because I’m not going to be a “Fat Daddy” anymore.

I have received a few comments from some friends and family, but my favorite comes from my five-year-old. After giving him some hugs and loves today, out of nowhere, he told me that my tummy is smaller.

That’s the best comment yet, and probably will be for a long time.

(matt ) #2

Kid’s honesty can be the best or the worst. :slight_smile: Nice victory!

(AnnaLeeThal) #3

You can always count on your own kids to be honest! I showed my daughter my latest comparison pic and she said “you got way skinnier!” I told her I was doing this so I can be around a very long time for her.