Best blood ketone meter

(Teri) #1

I’m thinking about buying the Keto-Mojo blood ketone meter, and was wondering if anyone else had tried this, or had another suggestion. I’m looking for something in this price range. ($60)

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(Regina) #3

I love my Keto-Mojo - and the blood glucose strips are really inexpensive compared to other brands. I test both ketones and BG periodically to see how different foods impact the numbers.


I bought the care touch, also on amazon. Strips are $1 each. After I went through the 10 it came with, I bought a 50 count box and used those. Sometime in the middle of using the meter, I bought a blood glucose meter and started testing that as well. I found a peetty good correlation, as I read I would, between lower BG levels being paired with higher ketone levels. I now only test BG, much cheaper and I am making the assumption that if my BG levels stay low, and I keep eating how I have been, I will still remain in ketosis.

Lots of people agree BG is a better thing to track. But I wanted to ‘chase ketones’ in the beginning, lol.

(Teri) #5

Because I am doing keto for epilepsy and need to make 100% that I am in ketosis all the time. There isn’t much wiggle room for me. While the urine strips are great for knowing that I’m in ketosis, it would benefit me more to know the level of ketones in my blood. I also would benefit from finding out what works or doesn’t work in getting me deeper into ketosis, or how deep I am currently, because that would help in controlling my epilepsy the best I can. And since hydration and keto adaptation can affect the urine test results I’d like a more accurate way to monitor my level.

(Fifty) #6

I used pee strips first couple months when I started back in May, 2018. Agree, helpful but no insight into levels.Slacked for a few months and got serious again end of October. Ordered Keto Mojo direct from their site (comparable with Amazon cost and figured if it wasn’t saving me any money then better to go direct.)

I spent the extra cash for the Founders Club Kit because I wanted the 50 extra glucose and 50 extra keto strips.

It has made a huge difference for me motivation-wise. Love having more accurate insight into glucose (strong family history of diabetes) and ketone levels. Product quality seems excellent. Their video resources and support documentation is great. As soon as I got it, I sat down with the kit and the videos and have been rocking and rolling since. I don’t anticipate doing it daily long-term, just a very helpful tool in the beginning to get immediate feedback to understand my body so I can adjust accordingly.

I’ve been geeking out on the data and loving it. :wink: (see attached) Also got the free KetoPlot app that someone from here mentioned and it has interesting graphs for just those measurements that are cool, too.

All the best with your epilepsy.

(Teri) #7

Thanks for the info. This is very helpful. I’ll look into the meter you suggested. I’m not super concerned with checking my glucose levels, but my husband would like to check his, so if that is still available I may go for it. The keto-mojo did put me off since it seemed to be lacking in the amount of strips it came with, and there was no option to buy a different meter that included more strips, or both ketone and glucose strips.

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Yep, that’s sensible.

(Regina) #9

If I understand your concern, you can order the strips separately anytime. The ketone strips are $1.00 each and the BG strips much cheaper.

(Rebecca) #10

See if you can get your primary care doc to write you a prescription for strips. I am NOT diabetic or pre-diabetic, but am doing keto because of my cancer. My primary care doctor wrote me a prescription for the meter and test strips. I’m paying much least for Leone steps because of the prescription!