Benefits of Keto?

(Veronica) #21

Hi, that’s a wonderful list of benefits, your body is clearly thriving on your WOE. And yes, it is encouraging :slight_smile: I always find it uplifting to read other persons’ individual successes and victories, as so many of us tend to spend far too much time fumbling in the dark for an answer to our health problems. So to find a solution that brings that much needed relief as well as improved quality of life is like finding the holy grail.

There is an idea that diet can either cause or potentially cure a whole host of illnesses that should be given the neccessary funding to examine. Diseases such as cancer, dementia, diabetes, to name just a few. And another idea, which has not been given sufficient research, but could be promising, is the tool of fasting for prevention and possibly healing of these conditions and others. I still find it a bit of a slippery slope the question about whether to induce autophagy, as it is possible to upset the balance and go overboard. But as I understand it, there’s always some autophagy going on in the body regardless of fasts, as that is the natural process in a healthy immune system. Of course, a lot of us struggle with damaged immune systems, and then it gets trickier, and requires science and further research to show us the way. Anyway, I wish you best of health, thank you for sharing your story.

(Rebecca ) #22

Why delete it? It’s so inspiring to read it!!