Bench exercises and/or using Extension bands

(Denise) #1

My absolute fave exercise for glutes has turned out to be hip-thrusts. I’m pretty sure I’ve been shown at the gym the correct form, but I’m open to learning. Mainly, I want to avoid injuries :wink:

I wanted to make this thread for any Bench-type exercises, not just Hip-thrusts and feedback is very welcome on other types of weight resistance etc.(bands, bar-bells, dumb-bells)

So I’ll ask (video below) about this “form” the guy is using, and for me, this one is the most comfy as it’s my shoulders way more than my back. At first I was trying to keep my whole back flat on the mat before I tried the bench and just lift my butt, but little range of motion. Feed back welcome as to what you’ve found to be the best form:

Hip-thrust form

(Denise) #2

I looked over a couple more videos and find 3 of them all recommended a certain height of bench and mine is too high for me I believe. I also saw that I was laying my head back on the bench which I’m hearing you need to keep your chin tucked.

I did notice when I had tried the hip-thrusts my neck was a bit sore, the bench hurt my shoulders or my back right where the bench side met my back so I got a pillow, no more problem. After watching the videos though, I think what will be best for my bod will be just doing some different style thrusts on my mat.

Here’s the video that I liked best because I feel better lying flat, and later if I want to use a little weight (dumbell) that will work. I really feel it in the right areas after 3 sets of 12 though, but I’m still glad I’ve decided on the mat for me :wink:
I only like the ones where she isn’t using a bench, only the ones on the mat:

(Denise) #3

Oh this one is my fave how-to do a hip-thrust video so far:

(Robin) #4

Sorry I can’t give advise… but sure am enjoying watching you get strong!

(Denise) #5

That’s ok Robin, no worries, I just was enjoying posting the videos I found if anyone was interested. The best was the last one as I tried it and it really surprised me how to “isolate” the muscle-group. It was exactly as he said, and the best part is by using the different positions using the 2 tools, eventually, you can just learn to isolate it without the stretch band, changing your foot positions, and the pad between your knees. Using those was too much work, LOL!!

(Bob M) #6

I would contribute to this…but I don’t have or use a bench. I have a mat, stairs, pull up bar, dip bar, a few weights, a ladder/chair/stool, and TRX cables. I’d LIKE to have a bench, but haven’t added one yet.

My current workout equipment/room (can’t see the pull up bar, but it’s in the ceiling above the mat):

(Denise) #7

I am going to do a lot on my mat I’ve decided after watching the last video I posted @ctviggen :slight_smile: I was most interested in the thrusts, so definitely the mat for them as the bench was too high and the mat-way just looked like it was made for me :wink:

You have a nice area so you don’t have to even roll up your mat. I see you have some heavy duty bands and a pull-up bar is awesome but I doubt I could do those w/o the help of the bands you can use to start. My apt. doesn’t allow for much, but it is enough for me as I don’t have anything much for living-room furniture. Always thinking ahead to having my own home-workout area :wink:

I really like my Swiss Ball like you have as well, and I am thinking I might add the little multi colored weights with rack but first I’ll see how I do with the bands. I just ordered some of the 41 inch thin ones and a door mount with carbiners that @SomeGuy Joey told me about to help me workout.


Watched all the videos you posted and something I saw hinted at but not explicitly said is to keep a neutral spine. If you’ve ever done cat-cows you may have a fair awareness, but essentially don’t flatten your back at the top and keep a slight curve in you lower back or lumbar spine.

Of course, this may be intuitive for many but it took me quite sometime to actually get it down. I even had to hire a trainer and since I live alone I verified several people’s information online before I felt comfortable even meeting the girl at the gym and later allowing her into my home.

So if you’re ever not sure about form, youtube videos are great but I also found that there’s some great information that I wouldn’t have learned through youtube, or could have and it just takes a lot of scouring.

(Denise) #9

Thanks so much, I will look into this before I do more of the exercise. I don’t know what a cat-cow is but I’ll look into it online, thank you again for helping me :slight_smile: I do need to be careful!

(Robin) #10

A great and relaxing yoga move.
On your hands and knees…. Arch your back like a cat… hold/breathe.
Then relax and lower your belly down, like you are a cow giving milk to a baby… hold/breathe.

I haven’t gone to yoga in ages but do this every day a few times.

(Denise) #11

Oh I’ve done that? I didn’t know it was a yoga move, but it does feel really good :wink: Thanks Robin!


Damn Scott Herman, that guy does NOT like me! LOL! He did it right though. I used to workout at Answer, for some reason he doesn’t like when you… let’s go with “Critique” him ahahahaha.

Another good way is if you gym has the belt version of it, way more comfortable than a bar. Translates great to your deadlifts as half of that is glute drive.

(Denise) #13

I’ve realized I cannot do these using a bench at all I have to do them flat on the ground because I can’t yet isolate my glutes and I think that is the main part that’s supposed to get exercise in this move hip thrust but I try and do them from the mat and I’ve got a mat at home and I do have bands both at the gym and at home so I’ll try and figure how I can do them with the bands I haven’t figured that one out yet and I do use just a barbell I mean a dumbbell on my tummy and I usually just use a jacket or some kind of padding under that but yeah I’d like to learn how to do these with the band


They call that sleepy butt, real common and affects a lot of people when squatting, they just melt their quads out and never active the glutes.

Give these a shot! Big fan of the Mind Pump guys! Some of their workouts have been some of the most effective ones I’ve run over the years.

(Denise) #15

Yeah I kind of call it saggy butt since I lost all that weight but I’m going to follow this guy I like that I’m practically doing that already but I didn’t have the feet right and I didn’t have the knees out I just had them bent on the mat so I know I can do these thanks a lot and I’m going to be watching this guy I like the video

(Denise) #16

I was able to add Extension Band exercises as I am doing most of my workouts at the gym but some mat exercises I want to do at home.

I’m going to look up videos/articles on the difference in muscle toning and building using weights vs bands, but feedback is so welcome here as well?

I realize I can’t gauge the weight as well with a band, I just don’t know the difference in using each type of “weight” resistance etc. Thanks for any input, Denise
PS I do have the 41 inch bands now, nice ones and sturdy. I also have the lighter material type.