Belly pork

(Allie) #1

Is anyone else having trouble finding decent pork belly recently? Most places seem to be cutting off the skin for some reason. I found some in Costco yesterday that’s still got the skin on thankfully.

(Alex ) #2

Aldi’s is pretty good… they are small - and reduce a fair bit in cooking, but very nice indeed (had some last night)

Oven cooked they end up about 60g each?


(Allie) #3

I’ll have a look there thanks. Lidl and Tesco are no good recently. Belly pork just isn’t right with the skin and fat trimmed off.

(Alex ) #4

Agree. We’re quite lucky to have a few markets here that have a choice of several butchers… if you time it right you can get stuff super cheap at the end of a weekend - including belly pork. Way bigger too than Aldi, although occasionally will have the odd bone in.

I think the above ones are £1.80 ish - not bad value really.

(Allie) #5

I have a great butcher near here, but it’s very small and crazy busy so I tend not to go there unless I can get there first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds.

(Pete A) #6

This is from Kroger in the states, and a mainstay my fridge (and my belly!)

I hope you find something acceptable

(Kate) #7

I find I can get the slices easily and cheaply but if I want a large slab it is costing a lot more. Certainly in the supermarkets. My butchers always delivers but I can only get to him on a Saturday morning!

I got the Costco slices a few weeks ago and froze them down in portions but I have not idea what to do with them as I am used to making a sticky BBq or chinese style sauce with lots of s***r. Any recipes or recommendations?

(Alex ) #8

that looks so different to what we have here in the UK. I’m really intrigued by how the meat differs between the US and the UK.

(Allie) #9

I like coating them in salt and pepper, sometimes chillie flakes too, roasting then dipping in mayo.

(Alex ) #10

same… chilli flakes, garlic salt… mayo… perfection!

(Pete A) #11

It’s fully cooked and I cut thin slabs and throw a little in with my morning bacon, or cook it with turkey burgers which are baked. I cook/burn the hell out of it sometimes til it’s like a fun jerky :grinning: